Lindsay Lohan Declares Interest In Presidency Come 2020

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is being influenced by Kanye West.

Just in case you thought Kanye was the only one interested in the White House, Lindsay Lohan just revealed that she actually is too.

The controversial actress who has had quite the rough couple of years has also revealed her interest in America’s seat of power.

According to Lindsay Lohan, she also can because Kanye can. And while the rest of us might not be taking major life lessons from Kanye, Lindsay definitely is.

The Star shared all of that via her Twitter account some hours ago. She also added in her tweets what she wants to focus on when she gets elected.



Over the past years, Lohan’s career has gone down south and it was largely due to her alcohol and drug intake. But maybe she is now sober now and has realized the White House is not a bad place to take selfies and host parties that she can truly become the ruler of the free world.

Either that or she has just been watching too much Scandal.



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