Leonardo DiCaprio Drives Model Girlfriend On Motorbike To Meet His Family

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is famous for a few things as you may know.

They include; his award winning works, his dedication to making the environment a better place, his inability to grab the prestigious Oscar award and, his refusal to marry.

The Great Gatsby Actor has dated famous models through his life, one of them being the highest paid supermodel in Fashion, Gisele Bundchen.

However, he dates for several years and well, still never pops the question.

So this guy is either aspiring to George Clooney (before Amal Almuddin came along) or he just is not a huge fan of the marriage institution.

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Either way, he does not seem to be getting married soon neither does he seem to be done with dating models.

But when the actor who came into international limelight through the box office hit Titanic, was spotted on a motorbike with his new girlfriend visiting “family and friends”, we kinda wondered if it was that time.

Leo is either ready to settle for real this time or he just went to show Kelly Rohrbach his girlfriend, the interior of his family’s home.

We shall be waiting to know how that one turns out.

Anyway, both of them chose a casual look and looked picture perfect both on that bike and while lunching.

This is a picture we can get used to if Mr DiCaprio makes a honest woman out of this one.

Leo DiCaprio 4 Leo Dicaprio 3 Leo Dicaprio 2 Leo Dicaprio

Photos: Daily Mail



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