Lamar Odom: The Star’s Kidneys Are In Great Shape As Opposed To Earlier Reports

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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada some weeks ago but a lot has happened since the unfortunate incident.

After been admitted to the Hospital, grabbing headlines, having the Kardashians race to his side and getting the support of his fellow celebrities, Lamar eventually became conscious.

But even though that gave a lot of people a huge cause to celebrate (including his two children and their mom) Lamar still reportedly had a long way to go.

And one of the things he reportedly had to deal with after he got out of his coma were his ailing kidneys. According to earlier reports, Lamar Odom was told that his kidneys were in a bad shape and were “life threatening”. But in a new reports obtained by TMZ, Odom has experienced a “shocking turnaround” in the kidney department.

The site claims he has been taken out of ICU and he would not be needing dialysis anymore.

Lamar reportedly improved so well his Doctors are shocked at his sudden improvement.

This also means Lamar can now make certain decisions by himself, since he is making his way to total recovery.

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