#LadiesOnly: 4 Hairstyles That Attract The Coolest Men

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#LadiesOnly: 4 Hairstyles That Attract The Coolest Men

Men may not be the most knowledgeable when it comes to female fashion but we sure know a thing or two about the kind of hairstyles we find attractive in women.

Attractive hairstyles help remind us how much we need to hurry up and put a ring on the finger of the women we love.

Quite a number of magazines have talked about the kind of hair we men would like to our women wear. However, a lot have focused on the hair of white women and very little has been written about curly and wavy hair which is common amongst black folks.

So, here are four hairstyles that women with curly, wavy, thick, locked, strong and kinky beautiful hair can wear that is bound to attract the coolest of men.

The Afro

The Afro look has been a signature kind of look for black men and women since the eighteenth century and it has now crossed over to white and Hispanic people too.

But, overall black men can get to learn to love this look more. This look attracts strong and powerful men who believe in the equality of races.

What we are talking about here are men who don’t take nonsense from people and who will be able to defend you and your appearance anywhere and anytime. We are talking about the kind of man that will help apply cream to your scalp happily without having a need to take your picture to flaunt all over social media.


The Slick Baldy Or African Queen

The bald look is one that reeks of a brave and bold attitude. This look attracts comfortable men who are proud to take their women out in public while rubbing on her head with loving intent.
Men that are attracted to women with this kind of hairstyle are in no way basic men.

They love the accentuating effect of your face without much hair own added with the way the sunlight reflects off of your head. Men who keep to time are also attracted to you given the fact that you won’t spend much time to prepare for an event nor take the whole night trying to fix your hair.

He knows that by the time he’s out to warm up the car, you’re already seated waiting for him in the passenger’s seat, ready to go.
Independent Dreadlocks

Quite a number of people see the dreadlocks as nasty and and rough looking, but they are nothing less than beautiful. Independent and free spirited men are attracted to women who rock this type of hairstyle. On their part, the women are mostly CEO of their own company and are not limited by societal pressures. More so, the men that are attracted to these type of women are usually those who have no reservations about taking the backseat to his woman’s goal-oriented attitude which exudes nothing but ambition and class.


The thing that makes the hairstyle even better is if you’re lucky enough to have a man that rocks the same hairstyle too. This would get friends drooling over you both. There is really nothing more beautiful.


The braided hairstyle attracts men who love women that are adorable and never act crazy in public but who can still handle their own anytime it is necessary.


Women who rock this hairstyle usually enjoy being around cute friends and their men never mind. Despite the fact that men always want to talk to them, all they really want is that man that sees them differently.

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