Jurgen Klopp To Liverpool Fans: “I Am Not Jesus”

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Jurgen Klopp asks for patience

Jurgen Klopp asks for patience

New Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has urged fans to not be too excited as the club begins a new era with him at the helm.

Jurgen Klopp asks for patience
Jurgen Klopp asks for patience

Klopp was the most highly-rated free manager available, and Liverpool fans are hoping Klopp could bring success to the Kop as he did in Dortmund.

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The German manager is however aware of the hype and fanfare surrounding his arrival, and wants fans to be cautious with their expectations.

“If you want to see Liverpool be more successful than in the last 25 years, you can do your small part, of course,” said Klopp.

“If you want to portray me like Jesus, but then the next day say, ‘no, he can’t walk on water’, then we have a problem.

“I can’t walk on water. I dive into it.

“Expectations are important in life. After all this hype, we can cool down and talk about football. But expectations are one of the most important things we have to talk about.

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“Liverpool fans have been waiting for so many years that I can understand they are losing patience, but it doesn’t work like that. Some things will change, because I am different to other managers, but we cannot change the whole world in one day.

“I don’t want to use my three-year contract as an excuse and after that three years say, ‘Well, now we can rise up’. No, I want to change as many things as soon as possible, but it is really important that we are patient enough to be successful.”



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