Humble Beginnings: Check Out The First Tweets Of Some Of Nigeria’s Biggest Stars

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Nigerian celebrities' first tweets

Nigerian celebrities’ first tweets

Once upon a time, everybody had a Facebook account, and lived happily with each other. Then suddenly came Twitter.

Nigerian celebrities' first tweets
Nigerian celebrities’ first tweets

While some grasped the idea behind the micro-blogging service immediately, some struggled as to what they were supposed to do on it.

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What was the first thing your favorite Nigerian celebrity ever tweeted? See some of them below!

Davido been on the grind since…

Yes, Wizkid, you are whatever you want to be…

We are too old to be guessing, Noble.

Well, we certainly are feeling you now, Skiborobo skibo!

No need to explain again. You don over-blow.

Aunty Tiwa was so amazed, she could only get one letter out.

This isn’t Hi5…

Kiss Daniel spreading the gospel before he started to Woju…

And we are waiting for it oh! Since!


No let car jam you though…

CDQ been spitting from day 1.

We do? RIP, Dagrin.



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