Honorable Secretary #14 (SEMI LAST CARD) By @maskuraid

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“Good morning Sir.”

“Good morning Susan, how are you?”

“Fine Sir, and you?”

“I’m fine too. Can you just move your seat a little so I can clean your work space?”

“Sure, why not?”

I moved my seat a couple of inches away while she used her napkin to get rid of the slight coat of dust on my table and watched her as she worked; taking in her figure, appreciating her contours and also remembering that I hadn’t sampled her offering. I’m sure she knew i was watching because she slowed down and moved deliberately. When she was done dusting, she bent down and picked up my trash can, then moved close to where I was sitting and bent down again to empty it into her own collector, giving me more than an eyeful of her fresh firm boobs. At that precise moment she looked up, caught me staring and smiled. I swear, the chick was testing me.


Again deliberately, she sidled back to my system and started wiping the table aimlessly again, a cue that she waiting for me to say something and start a conversation. When I wasn’t particularly forthcoming, she started one.

“So how’s work going sir?”

“Work is going great, but I can’t wait for the weekend. Lots of good things happen during the weekend.”

“Lucky you Sir, my own weekends are usually boring.”

“Adonbelievit, a fine chick like you? How come? If that’s true then we have to change your situation immediately. What are you doing this weekend?”

“Nothing particular on Saturday but fortunately on Sunday, I will be at the Bar Enclave for my book club meeting. I’m a member of the Mainland Book Café and our meetings are like my sole avenues for going out and having a really good time with the rest of my club crew.  Unfortunately, these meetings only happen once a month and I’m stuck in my boredom for the rest of the time. However on days we meet, we always have a good time, plenty of chilled drinks and heavenly grilled turkey, which is only found at the Enclave. You should come sometime.”

“Did you say ‘cum’?”

She smiled mischievously at me and replied.

“Yes, that too.”

“Once you decide to take me, I’m game.”

The twinkle in her eyes told me she understood the double meaning perfectly.

“Don’t worry Sir, I’d be delighted to.”

Then she winked and left.


I went back to brooding once she finally left me alone. Having just stepped on the tiger’s tail upstairs, I was on my toes expecting a backlash. Nothing however happened throughout the day, much to my relief.


On Wednesday morning after waiting endlessly for Karishika’s reaction and getting nothing, I put a call across to her husband and arranged for us to meet for drinks sometime in the evening after work. He agreed and we fixed an appointment for 7.30 p.m.  Work went steadily until just before lunch when Toyin pinged to invite me for lunch. As a confirmed omo wobe, I knew what that meant.


She was waiting at base when I got there, looking fantastic but otherwise downcast.

“Are you okay babes?” I asked as we went up the stairs to our den.

“Yes I am, I just have a few things on my mind and need a good fuck to help me put them in proper perspective.”

“In that case you’ve come to the right place; I’ve got just the right injection to drive away whatever ails you.”


As soon as we entered the room though, I started taking off my clothes whilst moving towards the bed but she stopped me.

“No dude, no bed. Today is a special day and we’re going to do things a bit differently from the usual.”

“Special? How? What’s the occasion? It surely isn’t your birthday is it?”

“No it’s not my birthday and there’s no occasion, at least nothing you need to know for now, just flow with me. Everything will become clearer much later.”

“Okay then, as your lordship pleases. What will you have me do your majesty, dance?”

“Just follow my instructions and we’re good.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“That’s my guy. Now take off your shoes but leave your socks on, then take off your trousers but don’t touch your shirt or tie, leave those in place. When your trousers are off, wear your shoes again and sit on the chair over there.”

“Hmmmmm. Somebody is getting adventurous, me likey.”


I obeyed and took a seat on the chair just like she commanded. Glancing over to the left, my reflection in the bedside mirror looked funny even to me, fully dressed as if for work with knotted tie and shoes except for my missing pants. My turgid dick was pointing ramrod straight at the ceiling. Toyin on her part didn’t undress too, just removed her thong and bra, knelt down between my legs and sucked me for about two minutes to be sure I was as stiff as could be. Only then did she stand up and sit on me in one smooth feline movement.  


For a second or two, my mind blanked at the sensation of pleasure radiating from my dick as it slid smoothly inside her before it hit me.


I wasn’t wearing a condom!


“Hold on babes, I’m not wearing a condom.” I moved as if to withdraw and push her off me but she held me tight and cooed in my ear.

“Relax dude, relax. Of course I know you’re not strapped, but today is mine. I want to feel you inside me for real. Just sit back and enjoy this ride. Remember the rules sha, no hands. If you as much as lift a finger or touch me in any way, then I’ll stop.”

“Yes ma!” I even threw a mock salute.


Something squeezed my dick deep inside her pussy as she started grinding. I held on to the side of the chair in obedience of the ‘no hands’ rule and let her fuck me relentlessly, building up gradually until she reached a frenzy and her boobs slapped into my face. I watched her face go through a range of emotions as she got into gear and ground into me at varying speeds and angles, heightening the pleasure for both of us. She rode hard, like a cowboy in a hurry to get someplace and the wooden chair groaned with her moans. Just when I was about to start getting worried that it would collapse under the assault, she opened her mouth and yelled out loud while her inside went into crazy contractions, gripping and releasing my dick in succession.  Her orgasm threw me over the edge as I also felt cum move from my swollen balls and shoot straight like an arrow to her womb.  


She collapsed against my chest, her face in my neck breathing hard and we stayed that way for some time, slowly recovering our breaths.


Something wet trickled down my neck unto my chest. Toyin finally lifted her head and looked into my eyes and immediately I could see she was crying. Was the orgasm that intense?

“That was wow!”

“Yes, she replied even as her tears continue to run. It was, just as I intended it to be. I planned for today to stay in your memory for a very long time. I want you to remember for as long as you possibly can.”

“What kind of talk is that? Of course I will. Why are you’re crying though? What’s wrong?”

She smiled but I could still see the dullness of her eyes. Something was amiss, which was crazy considering the fact that she just about just blew out my balls. She kept hugging and kissing my face, imploring me to remember everything good we’d shared irrespective of whatever happened after today. My thought was that maybe she had met someone new and this was our parting shot.  Women could be that weird.


Soon her kisses became more frantic and arousing as she kissed my ear lobes, neck and nipples.  She was still sitting on me and I gradually stiffened again, my dick worming its way back into her cum slicked pussy. This time she took me nice and slow, drawing out the sensations and pleasuring me intensely till we both came again.


We got back to the office thirty minutes late.


Karishika’s husband was waiting for me at our pre-arranged meeting place that evening and got up to hug me like a long lost brother immediately I arrived.

“Good evening man, great to see you again.”

“Good to see you too bro.”

We hugged again before sitting down and ordering drinks, me a beer while he opted for malt.

“I can’t say thank you enough for what you did the other time. If not for you, that thug would have totally messed me up.”

“Thank God I came when I did.”

“Yeah, thank God for that.”

I drew my seat closer to the table and cleared my throat.

“So you were telling me about your not being gay and that what happened the other day at your place was primarily staged for my benefit, a racket. Please tell me more, explain.”

He poured himself a glass from the bottle on the table and drank some before he responded.

“Let me tell you a story.”

I listened with rapt attention as explained to me how he’d met Karishika seven years back while he was working for a commodity trading company in Akure as an accountant.  She was an external auditor and in the course of examining the company’s books, had discovered some manipulations of records to cover some major unauthorized expenses he had made and had started blackmailing him with the evidence, threatening to go to his boss if he didn’t co-operate with her. He had done just that since he didn’t want to lose his job and go to jail. As payment for saving his neck, Karishika had insisted that he use his ingenuity and access to start defrauding the company for huge amounts which were then salted away in a secret joint account. They were able to make a clean get away some months later, after which they had moved to Abuja and set up their own company. The relationship became intimate along the way and madam had suggested they act ‘married’ to cement their business ties and ward off unnecessary scrutiny.  The move to Abuja proved to be a masterstroke until a series of bad investment decisions had reduced their company to almost nothing in less than two years. That was when madam had come up with that gay pimp/blackmail racket. She was able to connect with some high ranking politicians and top businessmen who had special preferences and were willing to pay premium for it. Madam simply scouted for young virile men who were willing to become their bitches in return for some cool cash, most of which ended up in her own pocket. When she found someone who she liked but who didn’t swing that way however, madam was cunning enough to weave a network around them which set them up for blackmail and made them more amenable to working for her. Apart from that, she also used some of the dirt she accumulated on her blue chip clients to milk them for financial favors and contracts, swelling our coffers in the process. She got paid both ways.  They stayed in Abuja making bank in the booming coded homosexual market.


Leaning towards me conspiratorially, he lowered his voice. “You’d be shocked if you knew the number and caliber of politicians and other business moguls who are gay in this country. Don’t let the appearances and religious posturing fool you, many of them are into it either for pleasure or ritual purposes. We however don’t care about the why or judge any one. We just supply according to demand and pocket our fees.”


I sat there digesting the information I just received while he took another drink and continued.


“Abuja was fine until Madam crossed a powerful member of the ruling cabal in a deal which went wrong. The bozo didn’t take kindly to being outsmarted and humiliated by a woman and started making life difficult for our operations so we came down to Lagos and established the company you presently work for to serve as a front for our operations. That was three years ago. We were fortunate to make contact with one of the crème de la crème of the gay society down here who linked us up with some offshore connects. Now we supply videos, photos and all what not to customers both locally and internationally. The Lagos market is somewhat different from the Abuja own so we don’t really cater for sex except when we have a high paying customer we can’t refuse. The Abuja arm of the business is still alive and well although it is presently being handled by a supervisor under madam’s control.”


“So how did I get mixed up in all of this?”

He looked at me in a funny manner and smiled to gently.

Only madam can authoritatively tell you that, but if I know her, she probably liked you and you were not co-operating. I don’t blame her really, the flesh does have its own needs outside of business and you’re quite the ladies’ man. I’m willing to bet that right there in your network of friends and acquaintances, you have one or two people who have helped her in weaving a web and tightening the noose around your neck. She’s especially good at that. She probably has a thich dossier on you by now.”

My mind quickly did a scan of the people I knew but at that time, none of them looked like a probable candidate for the role of Judas.

Something else also still bothered me.

“Wait bro. All these info you’re just letting me have freely, why exactly are you doing it?”

He was well prepared for that question.

“Recent events have sort of forced my hands to re-evaluate some things. One was our chance meeting some days back when you saved my life. That got me thinking. What if I had died that night? That was how I would have gone to face the consequences of helping to ruin the lives of many young men just for material things? Two was the fact that for the past few months, I’ve noticed a gradual lessening of my interest in the business. The thrill is gone and I want to settle down and have a real family, something which won’t happen if I continue staying with her. I’ve therefore been silently considering my disengagement and exit from that lie of a life. I also just came about some fresh information from Abuja which I won’t bother you with right now. All I know is this is the right time for me to step aside. I and madam had a meeting yesterday where I told her of my decision to quit. She probably has suspected for a while, so she didn’t stop me, in fact she gave her full blessings and generously moved a hundred and twenty million naira to my account immediately as a final payoff.”

“One hundred and twenty million??? That’s great news man, congrats. So what are your plans now?”

He shrugged.

“Nothing spectacular. I’ll disappear and go find space in another city for some legit business and raise a family. I’m sure there are a lot of things that kind of cash can buy you in Nigeria today.”

“I’m sure there are man, I’m sure there are.”

He poured the last of his drink and stood up.

“I have to go now bro. I still have a lot of things to sort out around here before my curtain call. Let me advise you about something though bro, you should be very careful in your interactions with madam. She’s a wily old bird and you know what they say about needing a long spoon when you’re dinning with the devil. I know you’re somehow mixed up in her plans for the future and she likes you very much. Still, you’ll need to watch your back every time or you’ll end up in the belly of the beast.”

I stood up too.

“I’ll keep your advice in mind man, thank you for everything. The information you just shared with me will definitely help me deal with whatever is coming my way.”

We hugged each other again before we stepped out and went our separate ways.


Next morning I got to the office only to be told that Toyin had resigned.



Abiodun is a member of the Mainland Book Café who daily juggles the Lagos hustle with running his personal blog and trying to stay sane in an increasingly insane world. Prose (fiction) and poetry roll of his pen as the spirit directs and his first collection of short stories (which is still without a title) is expected to hit the shelves very soon. He blogs at www.versesbybeordoon.com


  1. Thought as much….. Knew Toyin was leaving the company…. Bro you really took your time before posting this one…. I guess it will take another two weeks to get the next episode…. Hmmmm i know its not easy though being an aspiring writer myself.. … More power to your elbow…. Easy

  2. Another great one Boss. ……..So Seke d bad guy has been working for the pimpest of all pimps and didn’t even know…. Ayiri is the supervisor i think,(he is gay, that will explain the voyeur and madam not getting enuf shank).#myloudTots

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