Honorable Secretary #13 (FIRE IN THE HOLD) By @maskuraid

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I sat on the bed wondering whether to go to church or not. It had been quite a while since I attended a church service and the thought looked quite appealing to me until I remembered how yesterday had gone.


Me and Madam Ayiri met up at a discreet Hotel in Abule Egba. She was particularly insistent on going to a remote place which was ironic considering that she used to come fuck in my place. Anyways, I got a Hotel and booked a room for the whole day, then ordered for some food and drinks to be sent up while I waited at the reception for her to arrive. She did thirty minutes later, looking glam in her big dark shades and afro wig, a sort of disguise I guess. As we went up the stairs madam was humming a song under her breath and I had to ask her which it was to be double sure my ears were not deceiving me


“Madam, is that ‘wa fee ku laleyi’ you’re singing?”

She laughed aloud.

“Yes o Seke, na im. Why? You dey afraid ni?”

“Ha madam, maybe I should just go back home now o. This one you’re already firing warning songs.”

“No now, na just song wey unconsciously dey my head. You know all these songs person dey hear for radio every day. Even if person no like am, small time person go just see say she dey sing am ni, like that jedi song. Rubbish something. She mimicked spitting then continued. But even at that sef, I know what you can do na. You nor fit dey fear kpekus now na, abi?

“Forget story madam. When a woman starts telling you wa fe ku laleyi, one should be very afraid.” Both of us laughed together.


We entered the room and the first course of action was to take turns using the poky shower. After that we settled down on the expansive bed in preparation for business.

“See ehn seke, I’ve missed you gaan ni. All these while that you abandoned me, body has been asking for something. That reminds me sef, before we start, I need to ask you for a favor.”

“A favor?” I asked.

“Yes Seke. Don’t be annoyed o. You see, while I was roasting from lack of preek, a friend of mine in a similar situation like mine advised me to get this.” She picked up her handbag from the side table, flipped it open and brought out a vibrator.

“Gheun Gheun! For the madam!! I see you’ve been playing with bad shidren.” We both laughed.

“So where did you buy this?”

“Na she finally buy am for me sef, as I no soji reach that level. She say na from one Zee vashua something like that.”

“Zee Virtual Media?”

“Ehen!!! Chai Seke, you sabi that one too? I trust you die! Iziro dulling master.”

“It’s not like that madam, just one of those things one picks up from constantly surfing the web. But you really don’t need my permission to use a vibrator now, in fact, Fuck I fuck is how the world is. As long as it doesn’t block my way, we’re good to go.”

With that I reached for her boobs but she blocked my hand.

“Seke wait now, I’ve not finished. I never even ask for the favor sef?”

“Ehen. Oya now, ask. As long as you’re not going to ask to use that thing on me.”

“On you bawo? You get kpekus ni? Let me even drop it sef.” With that she stretched her hand and gently tossed the sex toy onto the side table. Then she turned back to me.


“I don’t want you to be annoyed o but you see that my friend ehn, she actually also advised me to find somebody to be greasing my kini steadily. I told her I already had someone and that the person sef sabi wella, only that he has been busy for some time. You know how we women are with gist na, immediately she heard say you sabi wella, she asked and asked until I started telling her stories of our various kpanshings o. Walahi enh, the thing turn am on like juju. In fact she tell me say her na flood her kpekus flood like Ogunpa stream for rainy season from just hearing about your wonderful magic stick.”

“Madam!!! See my life outside. I’m sure you exaggerated so much that the poor woman now thinks I am Mandigo.”

“Who be Mandigo?”

“Don’t worry about him. So doesn’t she have someone who can grease her kini too?”

“She used to, but the bastard started feeling like one champion. One undergraduate like that from Unilag was helping her until his head started getting too big for his shoulders. You know how these small boys misbehave when they start eating adult meat. They will just start blabbing about, not like you are, matured and able to  keep a woman’s secrets secret. You sabi code well well. So for now she is singu to stupor, and roasting until she can find someone like you.”

“Taa, single indeed. Someone who is married.”

“Leave that married thing Seke. Her battery powered rabbit is more of a husband to her than that her foolish man who is more interested in money than anything. She married him just for status.”

“Hmm, I see. This story don dey too long. What exactly is the favor you need? We didn’t come here to do tales by moonlight o.”

“E get as the thing be for mouth ni. After all the gist about the wonderful taste of your Vitamin Q, she requested that I should discuss with you, that next time we have a meeting if she can come.”

“You mean she wants to join our parole?” She nodded.

“Well, I really don’t know what to say but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re comfy with it.  Next time we have an outing you have my permission. Can we now start?” I moved close to her again.

“Oh Seke wait now. I never finish.’

I was getting really exasperated now. “What again?”

“She dey outside.”

“Who is outside? Your friend?”

She nodded.

“Outside this room?”

“Yes, but not outside this room o. I told her immediately we agreed on today’s meeting and she came over to my place then drove me here. She’s in her car across the street. I know I should have mentioned to you first and I’m sorry. Normally me sef won’t dare do something like this but she’s been my friend through thick and thin and I know how it is to roast.”

I thought about it for a minute then shrugged.

“Call her then. Although I would have liked a heads up sha but she’s already here.  Moreover it seems we won’t get down to business if this matter is not resolved.”

Her excitement was obvious as she quickly picked up her phone and made the call.

“She’ll be here in a jiffy.

“Thank you so much Seke. Oya make we start preamble before she enter relay.”

With that, she took my dick into her warm mouth and sucked me back to stiffness. It felt so good I had to close my eyes to savor the feeling. Slurp! Slurp!! That was the only sound that mattered to me as I let the feelings racing round my glans take me far away from the confines of that cold Hotel room.  It was awesome.


Soon afterwards I heard a tentative knock on the door. Madam paused from her lollipop assignment, got up and went to open it while I also stood up and went to the wardrobe to pick up another pack of condoms. The room was sort of darkened as the drapes were down but from the little I could see of Madam’s friend, she had a beautiful face and was slightly on the plus size. Not that it mattered as long as she had an open mind though. Her skin looked quite fair too. Madam quickly did the introductions.

“Seke, meet my bestie. We’ll call her Mrs K for now. She’s heard so much about you and has been waiting to meet you ever since.” Mrs K smiled and shyly looked the other way.

“Friendship, meet the intanashuna King of Kondo Kingdom – Seke oni seke – the one and only expert dispenser of Vitamin Q in the entire city of Lagos that has my PIN after daddy.”

I bowed with a stupid grin on my face.

“Oya off dress and pant make you enter field sharply.”

That was Madam inviting her friend to join the fray while she pushed me back on the bed and resumed sucking. Her friend disrobed and unsure of what next to do, sat on the edge of the bed. I reached out a hand and gently kneaded one of her boobs. It was full and firm to touch. Her skin was soft too and cool so I tickled her some to loosen her up and she laughed a little. Eager to make her feel at home, I eased madam off me and moved towards Mrs K, signaling for her to lie down flat. She was quite nimble for her size and she spread out really well. Boy! She was invitingly clean. Her prominent clit was like a pebble winking at me and I bent my head, first to touch it with my tongue before I wrapped my lips around it and suckled. She tasted quite nice and I could feel a spasm run through her entire system as she moaned and started pinching her own nipples to heighten the pleasure.


I felt madam maneuver herself into position to gain access to my dick and start sucking again. Meanwhile Mrs K was beginning to beg for the D.

“Fuck me Seke. Biko, unleash that famous dick and fuck me like mad. It’s been too long since I felt a man between these thighs. Please fuck me like you want me to lose my memory.” Well fam, when a woman puts it like that, what else is a man supposed to do. I stood up, tore open and wore a condom. I was about to mount her when I spied Madam looking longingly at my standing nine.

“Where is that your vibrator Madam?” She stood up and picked it off the table.

“Oya come closer then, lie down where she can reach you.” I arranged for Mrs K to hold the vibrator to Madam’s clit then spread her own legs wide and slowly impaled her. So we went at it, me fucking one friend while she stimulated the other until we all came and collapsed in a tangle on the bed. Then we chilled a while to draw breath and refuel with drinks before we went again, and again.


In retrospect, wa fee ku laleyi was fair warning.


After all the action from yesterday, going to church would probably be an affront, lest one goes now and somebody caught a whiff of pussy off one’s body. So I just went back to bed instead.


“I see you’re beginning to grow wings” The ice in Karishika’s tone was enough to freeze the balls off a giant. She was mad at me, so mad she had left instructions with the office security guards for me to see her immediately I came in.

“How dare you? Who or what do you think you are to display such impudence? You even had the guts to switch off your phone? What nonsense?!!”

“I’m sorry ma, an emergency came up and I had no choice but to attend to it.”

“Oh yeah? Emergency? What sort of emergency? I told you we had a meeting and you left me hanging for some purported emergency?”

“No ma, it’s not purported. I really had an emergency to attend to.”

“Save me the fucking bullshit man!!! Just listen to me young man, next time you leave me hanging like that you’re going to be very sorry. Now get out of my office.”


Such was the venom in her dismissal that I practically wanted to bail out of there. But she also looked so hot in her incensed state that an evil spirit took hold of me and drove me straight towards desk where i bent and planted a kiss straight on her lips.


I don’t know whose shock outweighed the other’s, whether hers or mine. Everything seemed to freeze in that room in that room for a minute or two while our lips stayed glued together, the steady hum of the air – conditioner was the only indication of reality. Then the moment passed and I disengaged.


“I’m sorry ma.” Those words sounded grossly inadequate as I executed a sharp turn and practically ran out of the lioness’s den.




Abiodun is a member of the Mainland Book Café who daily juggles the Lagos hustle with running his personal blog and trying to stay sane in an increasingly insane world. Prose (fiction) and poetry roll of his pen as the spirit directs and his first collection of short stories (which is still without a title) is expected to hit the shelves very soon. He blogs at www.versesbybeordoon.com


  1. Now i know they’re following seke from his village….. you have the effrontery to kiss karishika in the her den ??

    I hope seke’s life doesn’t end up with thunderbolt…. Great job maskuraid ??

  2. Seke my guy….only you two women. Madam Ayiri was correct in her description. Carry go… Nice, keep up the good work…..more ink to your pen Maskuraid.

  3. Seke seke,Okunrin meta, kontinue o something must surely kill a man..and for karashika, all her drama, na seke D go end am. Nice one bro, keep it coming.

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