Hassan Mohammed Damagum: Meet The Hero Who Sacrificed Himself To Save Others From Suicide Bomber

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In a bomb blast that killed 18 in Damaturu late last week, Hassan Mohammed Damagum, a 19 year old student of the Yobe State University has been hailed as a hero for making the ultimate sacrifice.

The brave young man hearing some noise, stepped out to check what was going on. He noticed a suicide bomber with a gun, and approaching a mosque – a place with far more people which will have led to more casualties. Hassan accosted the bomber and struggled with him, causing the bomb the man was carrying to explode.

Explosion that Hassan Mohammed Damagum was killed in

Hassan’s father who was a witness to the explosion said he saw his son explode, and his body parts scatter right before his eyes.

He said,

“Early this (Wednesday) morning, we heard a heavy sound of a  bomb and  my son  said he would go out and see what was happening. It was not long when I also followed. By the time I came out, I saw him wrestling and struggling with the suicide bomber. Everything just happened like in a speed of light and the bomb went off. “When the bomb exploded,  I saw my son in pieces with the suicide bomber. His head was cut off from his body. His leg was on another side and some of his parts were scattered on the street”,

Unfortunately, that was only one of at least two bombs that were detonated that day.

One victims of one of the explosions, at the hospital apparently from the Fulani settlement informed that two insurgents came to their area at about 5.30am in the morning and ordered them to gather in one place, after which one of them blew himself in their midst.

“Two of them came; the other one was holding a gun and the other one was not talking. The one with the gun asked us to come out and gather in one place. When we gathered, he sent the other one who was not talking at the centre of us and started going away. That was the time the one in our midst detonated his bomb in his body,” he narrated.



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