Gerrard Talks About How Rodgers Reacted To Slip

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Rodgers asked the rest of the team to bail Gerrard out, following the infamous slip that cost Liverpool the title in 2014, the midfielder has revealed.

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In an attempt to control the ball, the veteran midfielder slipped and fell, which allowed Ba access to ball and scoring.

Chelsea won the match 2-0 and the infamous Gerrard slip, was what cost Liverpool the EPL title they waited 24 years for.

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“I had been straining the whole half to make something happen, so had Luis [Suarez],” writes Gerrard in his autobiography.

“Chelsea just kept blunting us. And then I’d slipped. The dressing room was hushed.”

“Look,” Brendan said, imploring the other players, “if anyone deserves to be bailed out it’s him.” His finger pointed at me. “Your captain needs you to all pay him back.”

“The amount of times he’s pulled this club out of a mess and changed impossible situations and got players out of trouble are the stuff of legend.

“Now it’s time you repay him. You’ve got forty-five minutes to do it.” Brendan looked at me. “Stevie, forget it,” he said. “It happens. Let’s all go out and win this game. We can do it.”

Gerrard left Liverpool at the end of last season and joined LA Galaxy, with the Premier League title remaining the only trophy that evaded him during his career with the Reds.



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