Five Dirty Little Secrets Couples Hide From The Public

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When we look at a couple and we see so much joy and happiness we unconsciously wish we had a love as true as theirs. We yearn for what they have.

But what do they really have? True Love? Or is all just a facade?

You can’t help but wonder sometimes what goes on in the private lives of those married friends of yours, like, what really goes down between these couples that they can never share with the public (family members included).

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every couple could write and publish a tell-all about every dirty, nasty and itsy-bitsy piece of their marriage? Like the good, the bad and the ugly?

Well we have made a list of dirty secrets that would blow you off your feet by the time you are done reading.

Here are – Five Dirty Little Secrets Couples Hide From The Public

THEY BOTH SETTLED FOR EACH OTHER – one secret some couples barely reveal to the public is the fact that they both settled for each other. They would rather put up a facade than let anyone know their marriage isn’t as happy as they make it look.

If they could take back the hands of time, most couples wouldn’t say ‘I do’ to whom they are married to.


THEY WILL RATHER STAY WITH A CHEATING PARTNER THAN BE BRANDED DIVORCED – The forever debate on who cheats the most in a marriage has proven that infidelity was, is, and will continue to be a norm. Some couples out of consideration to certain factors may decide to stay married to a cheating partner rather than walk away.

The act and the decision will be as hush-hush as possible because they wouldn’t want anyone to know their ‘happy couple’ ambiance is marred by promiscuity.


THEIR PARTNER (HUSBAND) IS GAY – With the prevalence of homosexuality in recent times, most wives have come to terms with the discovery that their husband is gay. This revelation could cause negative backlash from the extended family, friends and the society.

As a means to escape this bad spotlight on their family, certain couples amicably agree to stay married and put up an appearance for the public rather than spill their dirty bits.


THEY PRACTICE ANAL SEX – it will be shocking for you discover that, recently, couples have been known to opt for anal sex, especially if one of the partner is sexually-kinky. This practice is common with couples who have been married for a while and where the woman has borne kids. Some men use the excuse of the expansion of the vagina caused by child-bearing.

That is an unfounded argument, as the vagina walls contains muscle that stretches after child-birth, but can still be made firm by kegel exercises.


THEY HAVE HAD A THREESOME – 1 in 4 couples have engaged in a threesome with their partners. Couples who have engaged in this reveal it was done for fun, adventure or to spice up their sex life.

Inviting a stranger to have sex among marriage mates is one of the many ways couples express the nasty parts about themselves, parts they would never want the public to ever see.






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