Fan Slams Felabration For Allowing “Bleached” Sean Tizzle Perform

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Sean Tizzle hit with bleaching rumors again

Sean Tizzle hit with bleaching rumors again

Bleaching rumors have plagued Sean Tizzle ever since the beginning of his career, and they came to the forefront again at the just concluded Felabration.

Sean Tizzle hit with bleaching rumors again
Sean Tizzle hit with bleaching rumors again

The Komole singer performed at the showpiece aimed to honor the late afrobeats legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, and a fan was not happy about it.

MUSIC: Rhoyaleson Ft. Sean Tizzle – Confam

The event’s official Instragram handle had posted pictures of Sean Tizzle on stage, with the back of his hands looking noticeably darker than his arms.


Instagram user onabanker wrote: “Vanity upon vanity…..this boy is bleaching his skin, the hands gave it away. What an idiot!”, before adding, “My choice of words are perfect. Let’s join voices and hands together to highlight the dangers of skin bleaching for our young black boys and girls. After all, Fela, whom we are celebrating today, was totally against skin bleaching and his best album, in my view, “Yellow Fever” highlighted the dangers, educated us and many of us are better for it today. No doubt the young man in question is a talented musician and a role model for many young boys and girls, just as Fela was to me back then, should discourage such act and should not glaring be a champion for skin bleaching!”

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Sean Tizzle has previously spoken about his discolored knuckles, claiming they have been black from birth.

“I heard that as well. I don’t bleach my skin. I know why people are saying that. It is because my knuckles are dark. But they have always been like this from birth. I have tried everything but my knuckles have remained like this. I will not fight God. He created me this way. So I have left my hands like this,” he said about the issue.





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