FA Chief: Both Chelsea And Tottenham Could Share Wembley

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Chelsea and Tottenham could share Wembley with both clubs engaging in expansion projects for their new stadiums, according to the FA chief.

Both Chelsea and Tottenham will need a temporary home as they build new 60, 000-plus-seater stadiums. Tottenham will be away from White Hart Lane for a season, while Chelsea will be away from Stamford Bridge, for as much as four seasons.

Chelsea and Tottenham both have their sights set on making Wembley their temporary home, but there is talk that the National Stadium won’t be able to house both clubs.

However, FA chief Martin Glenn has refused to rule out the possibility of both clubs sharing the stadium.

“Building in London is a nightmare and they both have ambitious plans – the question is what they do in the interim,” the 54-year-old told Talksport.

“Both would prefer sole status somewhere but it’s difficult. We are looking at whether we could get a ground share but there’s still work that needs to be done.

“There are other obligations at Wembley with other sporting events, so there is some work to say is it theoretically possible but we are here to try to be as helpful as we can.”



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