Dier: You Don’t Fight Costa

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Apparently there is a way to deal with Chelsea’s Costa and Eric Dier of Tottenham thinks it is to be nice to the Spain international.

Dier, was the centre back in last season’s Capital One cup final loss to Chelsea and was not bullied by Costa.

And Costa has earned a reputation as someone who likes to wind-up his opponents. However, Dier has been unflustered by him.

“I think I handled Costa well,” Dier told the Guardian.

“He is the kind of guy that you need to be nice to. I see all these people trying to fight him. I’m not sure that’s the way to go.

“At the beginning, I wanted to make sure he knew I wasn’t going to roll over but after that he seemed fine to me.

“Obviously, we both speak Portuguese and we spoke a lot during the game. It was all good-humoured. There wasn’t any malice from either side.”



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