Dare Art Alade: Singer’s Throwback Picture Is Cute For Daaays

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Dare Art Alade

Dare Art Alade is giving us reasons to fall in love on this beautiful Monday morning and hey we aren’t complaining.

Sometimes, a cup of steaming coffee is needed to kickstart a new week, but when a hot talented Singer tells you he has that covered, you just let him lead the way while you follow.

The Asiko Laiye hitmaker took to Instagram to share a snapshot of him at the age of 10. Darey who went ahead to write a caption about how he wanted to pursue a different career at the time, totally had us spellbound because c’mon how do you think about anything else with that photo?

The father of two shares with his followers how who he wanted to be in the photo is different from who he has now become. Urging his followers to share photos of themselves and say if they eventually became who they wanted to be at the time, Darey ended his caption.

See, with that award winning voice and many unforgettable songs, we are very happy the first Nigerian project fame alumnus chose music over aviation (which is what he wanted at ten). I mean can you imagine the world without the beautiful music he’s made?

A man once told me that we never truly change; we simply grow into the person we've always been. When I think about it now, I see his point, though I'm tempted to disagree in part. This photo was taken when I was around 10. At a time I was more interested in airplanes than music. The music was always there but whenever I dared to stare at the future, the picture I saw was of me as an aviation expert. Haha try picturing me at the local or international airport; hat in one hand, briefcase in the other, flanked on both sides by my female crew ? ? but it wasn’t just about the swag, the appeal for me was always the machine; that beautiful sleek arial beast made of steel and dreams! I dreamed of flying it, fixing it, building it… ah sweet memories ?. Do you have still have any photos of yourself from when you were about the same age? Please share and tag me. Tell me the person you wanted to be in that photo and if it's the same person you are today. Do people change or do we simply grow into the person we've always been? What are your thoughts? #ChildhoodDreams #GrowingUpInNaija ??

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But at the same time he would have made one hot Pilot with that description of his.

Which do you prefer? Darey the Pilot or Darey the Artiste?

Remember this guy is credited with the biggest, most creative musical show in Nigeria’s history aka Love Like A Movie.

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  1. Darey the artiste! How else would we have received hits like “Pray For Me” “Not The Girl” and “The Way You Are”

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