The Classic Man: Male Fashion Styles We Love

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These styles have been compiled to satisfy our wide range of readers. These people are from all walks of life united by their sense of style, hopefully you will love it just as much as we do.

Fashion styles include corporate, casually eccentric; taking you from just the simple and classy piece to the stylishly defined to suit the man who is cautious of his sense of style.

This new sense of fashion breaks every barrier or fashion no-no’s as fashion is a language spoken in its own tongue.

Dare to stand out, match pieces, patterns or fabrics that blend with what you have to wear so long as it suits the occasion and your body. Style is how you define it.



Men bags or satchels, glasses, neck piece, watches and hand accessories has made itself a statement in the men fashion world. Also pairing bold colors with subtle nudes such as grey, or white ash also works too.

When pairing bold colors always use accessories, watches, neck or hand piece, it distracts from the attire and states elegance, quality and style rather than just style if its worn without men accessories.

When wearing casuals to an outing, always wear glasses, or leave it hanging on the neck (not on the head, that’s gangstar), accessories should be minimal, maybe a watch or/and a loud hand piece.



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