Chiwetel Ejiofor And His New Black Girlfriend Engage In Some PDA [Photos]

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Chiwetel Ejiofor

Chiwetel Ejiofor and his new girlfriend were spotted out and about for the first time last month.

And even though we had/have absolutely no idea who the beautiful black lady is, it was a surprise to find out he had been separated from his Canadian ex and had seemingly moved on to someone else.

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And you know it is only real when the Actor shows up with his boo on the red carpet, right? So when Mr Ejiofor showed up on the red carpet of his most recent movie in Hollywood, we knew it was for real.

Chiwetel and new boo at his latest movie premiere last month
Chiwetel and new boo at his latest movie premiere last month

The Nigerian born Actor however cannot seem to get enough of his mystery lady love because he has once again been spotted with her.

This time around, he did get handsy and was not ashamed to plant kisses on the pretty woman.

Chiwetel Chiwetel Ejiofor 3 Chiwetel Ejiofor 2 Chiwetel Ejiofor


We are so here for this!

What do you think? Do you like Chiwetel with the black chic or with the white one? Or do you simply not care?

Here’s a photo of him with his old boo by the way…

Chiwetel and Sari

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Photos: Daily Mail || Madame Noire



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  1. He looks very comfortable and happy with this new lady and she is a beauty. She comes across as being assure of herself and they seem to make each other happy, not to say the ex didn’t make him happy sometime, but the new lady may have a little more in common with him than his ex-girlfriend and that can do nothing but help their relationship.. The ex to me, always looked uncomfortable even though everyone was reporting she was an actor/model. She just did not come across that way.

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