“Change And Growth Have To Start From Within” – Kunle Remi, The Ultimate Man

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In 2010, Kunle Remi won the 7th edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search organized by Nigerian Breweries Plc. 

The fast-rising actor discusses his life and career in this interview.


Education and Upbringing

I attended the University of Ibadan, studying Wildlife and Fisheries Management, dropped the course and went on to study Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Sheffield Hallam University.  My professional trainings include Acting for Film (Los Angeles) and later Film-making (New York) at the prestigious New York Film Academy.

My upbringing is responsible for my decisions and my “pursuit of happiness”; I always dreamed of being a contestant on the reality TV show the Gulder Ultimate Search right from the first moment I watched it on TV.  I will say my journey and experiences in life helped me prepare for the show even unconsciously through perseverance, patience, knowledge, focus, wisdom and the grace of God.


Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS)

Before GUS, I was a student, dancer and model. I juggled all with the little time I spent in Theatre Arts.  It wasn’t difficult to convince my parents to allow me participate in the show. God blessed me with parents who are supportive and understanding; they were scared but they stood by me. My parents will always support as long as they see the drive in me.

Every moment, step and progress in GUS is memorable and will remain cherished because it is a testimony for me that dreams do come true and goals can be achieved.  After winning GUS, the major challenge I faced was not being able to do certain things I did before.

I couldn’t really model again (because I was now branded for a year), wasn’t easy for me to pursue my acting career (I was not well-treated by producers, who asked if I thought I could be an actor just because I won GUS).

Well, that propelled me to further train myself and continue in the pursuit of my career “Acting” and the good thing is that I am still learning and growing.


Producing Sting

After film school, Sting was my first collaboration as a producer and actor; it was a success as it is a real-life story centred on rape.  The roles were interpreted by great actors and it will soon be released on DVD as part of a short film compilation.

Career Highlights

My career has been an adventure, a great journey and I am thankful to God on how far he has brought me and how far he is still taking me. His will I follow.

Lowest Moments

My lowest point is mentioned above and that was me trying to get into the industry.  Apart from that, I feel really depressed when I realize from time to time that the Nollywood I am passionate about isn’t ONE.

Upcoming Projects

I have a lot of projects coming out soon, projects I am longing for their cinema and television releases, so many characters and daring roles I have played.

What fans should expect

My beautiful fans should expect the very best of work and growth as I promise to be on your screen all the time, better and better.

As they say, “you are as good as your last job”.

Again, you will see another side of my creativity soon as I will venture into my own storytelling.

The Future

In the near future, my company the “7th Empire” will be at the top of its game in the media and other businesses.


Amarachukwu Iwuala

Amarachukwu Iwuala

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