Can A Nigerian Be So Desperate To Rape His Friend’s Wife To Avoid Deportation?!

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Can A Nigerian Be So Desperate To Rape His Friend’s Wife To Avoid Deportation?!

Christian Chidiebere Chukwu, 28, has been making headlines all day for raping his friend’s 19 year old wife in India. Bangalore Mirror reports than Christian had been given the red corner notice after he had managed to slip through police custody while preparations were made for his deportation.

Christian visited India for medical check up and refused to return to his home country Nigeria after his visa  had expired.

According to police report, in 2013, Christian had visited India on a medical attendant visa with his relative in Mizoram and remained in the country after his visa had expired. He was later arrested by the police in Mizoram.

With a fine of 5000 Rupees and 38 days in judicial custody as fine for breaking the law, the Indian authorities were making plans to deport him when he escaped from their custody and went to Bangalore by train.

Christian stayed off the radar by squatting with fellow Nigerians around Bangalore when he met his friend who offered to accommodate him in his house he shared with his wife in TC Palya.

The incident occurred when his friend left him and his young wife at home for work and Christian took advantage of his friend’s hospitality and severely raped his friend’s 19 year old wife. She reported the incident to her husband after he got off work who in turn called the authorities on Christian.

He won’t be deported anymore due to the rape charges and will stay in India till the plenary of the trial. He could be sentenced to 12 years in prison if  found guilty.

I would like to ask him why he did it? Why did he pay his friend who helped him out when he needed help the most with such an act? It’s stories like this that make people skeptical about offering help to others. How would you have the heart to help another if you have been hurt previously in such a manner? Is Nigeria so bad that he would rather stay in jail in India than be free in Nigeria? 




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