British-born Nigerian’ KSI Makes Forbes 2015 ”World’s Highest Paid YouTube Star”

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Olajide KSI Olatunji, 22, made the list of highest Youtube earners this year. The Youtube star is worth $4.5Million which he made by doing what he loves most and that’s vlogging his sports commentaries and hilarious videos on his channel from his bedroom. He is widely known by his YouTube username Ksiolajidebt (stylised as KSIOlajideBT) or simply KSI.

KSI 31

I watched a couple of his vloggs and I can tell you he is hilarious. At first you might be hesitant, doubting if he is worth the time but trust me when you start watching, you just don’t stop.

Taking his passion and making it into wealth was never on his mind as he just started vlogging FIFA commentaries for fun and airing his opinion on football games.

The saying “if you want to succeed stick to what you love and do best” proved true for KSI since he only realized he could make money from it after dropping out of school. His unique style was complaining about slow defenders in FIFA 11 and extirpating FIFA 12 trailer with humor.


With almost 11 million subscribers on Youtube, over a million twitter followers and 2 million followers on Instagram, and 1 point 9 billion total views, the top definitely has a spot for him.

He revealed the house he bought his parents is the most extravagant thing he has spent money on, saying his parents had debts and he didn’t want them worried over money, so cute.


KSI revealed to metronaija last April on his journey getting to where he is. He said it wasn’t easy seeing as his first account was banned from Youtube in 2006, for uploading family guy videos.

He didn’t give up though, he came back 4 years later, making videos again in 2010. Only this time it was his real-life videos of him playing games and joking around. Guess his sense of humor paid off.

Fast-forward to 5 years and this British-born Nigerian is a millionaire at 22, has his own penthouse apartment in London, owns a lamborghini, appearances and stage performances booked full, a book deal, Guinness-world record and a song that made it to no. 30 on UK music charts.

All this he achieved by playing video games and uploading the videos from his bedroom.


Following a controversy in 2012 at the XBOX One party launch in London, it was reported he supposedly sexually harassed attendees at the event, Microsoft cut ties with him and he was banned for life from Eurogamer Expo.

His management issued a statement of apology.

In 2013, KSI took his love for gaming to the highest level when he beat the previous record for “the most goals scored against a computer” of 110 goals by scoring 190 goals and had his name marked in the Guinness World Book of Records, Gamers Edition, 2013.

Musical career

His first novelty single “Sweaty Goals” was released on Dec 20, 2012 as blacknwhite with his friend Randolph. It reached #20 on the iTunes chart and #68 on the UK Singles Chart. He directed and appeared in the music video for the Droideka track “Get Hyper”, which is used as a segment on his videos where he uses the song when fans request him to “get hyper”. The song eventually charted on the UK Dance Chart, UK Indie Chart, and UK Singles Chart.

KSI also guest-features in Sway’s track “No Sleep”, and it charted in the UK, narrowly missing the top 40, having been there in midweek. The song was performed at the Xbox One launch party and on the CBBC show Friday Download. On 29 March 2015, he gained his first UK Top 40 single with “Lamborghini” as it debuted at #30 on the UK Top 100 chart.



This funny man says he didn’t get to where he was just playing video games, when demand increased for his videos on Youtube, he had to work harder cos it’s about putting up new and better content so the viewers don’t get bored.

He works really hard on making the jokes and videos work seamlessly. He used to do everything himself ie producing, presenting, editing etc

Making Forbes list of Youtube World’s Highest Earning Youtube stars 2015, is definitely a worthy achievement. Plus it’s not a title, it’s cash.

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With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
With his family
With Bobby Lee


With dad






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