Bosnian Team Sack Coach, Petrovic Via Facebook

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There’s only one thing I use Facebook for, nothing. Other people use it to see what friends are up to or birthdays, but Vladica Petrovic got the sack via the site.

Drina Zvornik who are bottom of the Bosnia Premier League, with two wins from ten matches, sacked their coach Vladica Petrovic via Facebook.

The club posted a message on their official account relieving the coach of his duties at the club. Harsh.

Petrovic replied to the post, writing “thanks for the notice”, and his post received over 270 likes.

Petrovic has now expressed his surprise at the way in which the story has been received across the globe, in an exclusive interview with Goal.

“I never expected to be so popular this way. Yes, they really sacked me via Facebook! That was the way I found out about it,” he said.

“FC Drina are among my Facebook friends and as I logged in to check what was up, I saw their post. I posted a “thank you for announcing me” comment, more as a joke, waiting to see what will happen, but I never thought my comment would gather so many likes!”

“What is next, will clubs buy players via Facebook, appoint and fire coaches… who knows?

“I would rather have the media writing about me because of my successes, but at least, thank to this unexpected popularity, I’ve heard from some of my friends, people I lost contact with a long time ago. They contacted me from all over the world!”



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