Blac Chyna And Future Might Be Dating For Real

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Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna and Future seem to be hooking up.

The ex stripper and ex fiancee of Rapper Tyga has been spotted with Future so many times in the past few days that it has now started to raise questions.

You know in celebrity kingdom, when two unlikely (might even be likely) start hanging around each other countless times in days, there is something going down. And this time, a lot of media outlet seem to think something is up.

But let’s see for ourselves, the duo were spotted by cameras at Future’s performance and on his music video set all in less than a week. And while this might not mean anything, other than buds cheering each other on, it might also mean they’re in the first stages of a relationship.

Time will tell. I mean, this is America we’re talking about here, where Paparazzi stalks you right from your front door.

So if this is a thing, we’d know with time.

However, their coupling up would be quite interesting; Future’s ex and baby mama Ciara is besties with Kim Kardashian who is married to Kanye West who is exes with Amber Rose.

And y’all know Amber Rose and Blac have been quite close for a while now, flaunting their friendship on social media for the world to see.

So if Blac and Future were to get together, Ciara’s kid would be Blac’s step son. And, you already know that Kylie Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s baby sis) would be Blac’s son’s step mom if those engagement rumors are true.

You’re confused? So are we.

It is really getting us dizzy thinking about the whole family tree business alone, but while trying to recover, here are the photos from TMZ that started raising questions…

Blac Chyna 2 Blac Chyna Meanwhile, by now, you might also have realized that Blac was a no show at Amber Rose’s highly publicised slut walk that happened yesterday.

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Reason was because she was with Future. But when she went on social media to explain she was working and that was why she’d skipped the slut walk, she received so much backlash from people who were asking her if hanging with Future was work, that she had to remove it.


This looks like it would get pretty interesting from here. Popcorn anyone?

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