Billy Joseph-Edward Taylor’s Breakup Payback – Have Sex With A Dog, Film It and Send it To Your Ex-Girlfriend

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Perfect Breakup – Have Sex With A Dog, Film It and Send To Your Ex-Girlfriend

As absurd as it might sound, a man actually decided that the best way to pay him ex-girlfriend for leaving him was to have sex with his puppy, make a video of it and mail it to his ex-girlfriend.

Say hello to Billy Joseph-Edward Taylor  


Police reports says he sent a video of himself having sex with his dog  just to spite his girlfriend for leaving him and to also show her that he didn’t need her anymore.

Although his ex-girlfriend had been suspicious of him cheating on her, she had no idea that her then-boyfriend could be involved in bestiality.

Billy Joseph-Edward Taylor, 25, was ratted out to by his ex-girlfriend after she reported to the police in St Johns County, Florida, that she had received “disturbing footage”.

He is being charged with sexual activities involving animals. He is being held in lockup on a $10,000 (N1,992,500) bail.


I am staring at this handsome young man with so much to offer the world but decided to throw it all away just to spite his ex-girlfriend for leaving him.  I like to dig deep into things just to understand the rationale behind most human actions, so I would love to ask him “Was it worth it? Did you feel better after effing the dog? And do you feel you have actually paid her back?”

While sleeping with an animal might be the problem for some, my problem is how many times he must have done it secretly while still with his ex-girlfriend. She claims he was unfaithful and that was one of the reasons she left, so it’s plausible he must have been sleeping with the dog and her at same time without her knowledge.

Cos no one really knows how long it’s been going on. If he just decided to come out now, then maybe this isn’t his first time.

If you are a woman and you discover your man has been sleeping with a dog while sleeping with you, you would probably kill yourself. And for the man, well this is just too extreme for a payback. One word, Wow. I mean Bow wow!



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