Ben Affleck Is Reportedly Going To Church With Jennifer Garner To “Fix Things”

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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner filed for divorce in June but the couple has been together despite that.

While the ultimate end to a marriage is usually divorce, the Hollywood couple seemed to have been spending more time together post separation.

The Parents of three children, Ben and his wife were said to have remained together for their kids.

However, maybe they are staying together for more as Ben has been reported to be trying to “fix things’

You might remember that shortly after their separation went public, there lots of speculations between the Afflecks’ ex nanny and Ben.

Ben reportedly cheated with the Nanny and it reportedly was one of the reasons Jennifer Garner called it quits.

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However, the couple said nothing about that and have also seemed to be putting together a strong front.

And now, they seem to be strengthening that unifying bond.

According to Enews, Jennifer Garner suggested Church to Ben and he agreed.

This is reportedly to ensure they still have each other in each other’s lives as they raise their three kids.

Sounds like a positive one.

Maybe they would work on getting back together meanwhile?





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