Amber Rose: You Won’t Believe What The Hot Model Had To Say About Tyga! ?

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose and the Kardashians are not friends and she clearly stopped being Team Tyga since he became a Kardashian too.

So when she was asked to say nice things about Kim, Kanye and Tyga you best believe we grabbed her favorite green tea, waiting to hear her spill.

You might remember that some months ago, Amber gave (a now infamous) interview about Kylie and Tyga where she said Kylie (who was then 17) was too young and needed to go to bed early.

Khloe Kardashian (who is like the family’s guardian Angel or something) was quick to jump to Kylie’s defence and even shaded Amber, calling her a stripper who started early.

Amber who was not willing to slack dragged Khloe and well, kinda won that Twitter war.

Kanye Kardashian  West who decided it was best for him to come to his sister in law’s defence at the time, stepped in and gave the now popular “30 showers” comment about Amber.

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And even though it has been months since all of these AMVCA worthy drama happened in America (God those guys have problems don’t they?) Amber was asked by Andy Cohen to say nice things about Kim, Kanye and Tyga when she stopped by.

And y’all know gossip never grows old especially when it involves America’s favorite mad man, a family that used Ray J’s manhood to get popular  is the Kardashians and, a man who chose a 17 year old obsessed with plastic surgery over an adult.

And Amber Rose knew that, she freaking knew that when she answered the questions.

Watch the clip below to hear what she said about Kim, Kanye and Tyga.

And hey, tea anyone? ☕️

Clip via The Shade Room



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