Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa: Forgiveness Or Reunion?

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose mentioned at her slut walk how she has decided to walk away from the negativity and forgive her famous exes.

The ex stripper who made a strict rule about not being questioned about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at her famous slut walk, told everyone that even though her exes had said nasty things about her she was willing to let all that go and focus on more positive things.

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In other words, she’d hopped on the forgiveness train willing to ride away from the past.

However, about two hours ago, muva shared a photo of her and her ex husband Wiz Khalifa with the caption: “Still Ballin”

Still Ballin ?

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Now, this is not the first time Amber is sharing a photo of her and her famous ex.

Months ago, after both of them had a nasty exchange of words, the sexy star took to Instagram to express her love for the Rapper regardless of what happened, using an old photo of them both.

But this particular photo is raising questions because it is coming after the public “forgiveness speech” and the photo might be recent.

We wonder if Wiz and Amber are just being adults or if something else is going on.

Do you want Amber and Wiz back together?

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