African Shares Horrifying Racism Story From Hungary

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An instagram account, @dcmorr which shares stories using photography posted a sad story where a black man narrated how horrific it has been for him living in Hungary due to racism.

The sad victim of Hangarian racism

He says people insult and assault him for no reason other than his skin colour. He narrated how his brother was killed and how the authorities were very unhelpful. Read the sad tale below;

Hungary is a deeply racist society. I have been here nine years and people insult me all the time. some one said to me on the Metro “Hey monkey, where are your bananas?”.

I can cope with that. Just dont touch me. I have a scar on my forehead, a skinhead came up to me with a bat and hit me on the head, to bash my brains out. As soon as i get my passport I am leaving. People of Budapest.

I am happy I am alive. My brother was murdered in Vienna. Pushed under a train. They still havent caught the person that pushed him under the train. There are cameras everywhere. If a dog was killed they would have caught the person. I spent two months there, all my money went . They would not even let me see his body. I said you cannot bury him and finally they let me see the body. My brother, same father, same mother.What can I tell my family? People of Budapest





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  1. Hungarian society is racist – because his brother was killed in Vienna? Now that Hungary is being attacked by all the leftist loonies, everybody is jumping on the bandwagon! I think it’s a bullshit story. BTW, what country is Vienna in?

    1. It’s in Austria, ironically. But both cities are about 3-4 hours apart via train, so I wouldn’t be surprised if their law enforcements worked together on this.

  2. It is unfair to call a whole society racist based on the actions of a few. IN FACT THIS KIND OF GENERALIZATION IS RACIST!

  3. I had lived in Hungary for a long time. True, it is a homogeneous, closed society, but I had never experienced overt, outright racism. Their history is full of tragic incidents when strangers, outsiders tried to conquer and dominate them. They had fought Moslem invaders for Centuries and the nation came to the brink of EXTINCTION several times. So if they are suspicious of outsiders it’s historically justified.

  4. The propaganda attack on Hungary is a prelude to regime change. Orbán must go, because he kicked out the IMF, Monsanto and other GM crop pushers, stopped Goldman Sachs and other Goldman Sachsoid vampire squids from making Hungarians homeless by foreclosing on their set up to fail mortgages, and doesn’t want to participate in the genocidal wars that resulted in the current refugee crisis. To make a long story short he’s evil. 😉

  5. I’m a Hungarian and I can confirm for 100% this story is bullshit. The only outright racists are the football hooligans and just a few and yes, they would say to you “Hey monkey, where’s your bananas” just like they would say to an emo kid “Hey faggot, what are you looking at?” or just insult any random guy for any random reason they can find. It doesn’t really matter to them, they just want to provoke. But this happens very rarely and 99% percent it doesn’t end up in actually someone getting hurt, but I must admit this happens in Hungary more often than in other countries. But still, I lived in Hungary for 21 years and only encountered skinheads once during that 21 years. I don’t know any racists there personally and now I live in the UK and I have many black friends too so I think this sob story of yours is just some kind of pathetic and fake propaganda by some idiot westerner who’s never been there and doesn’t even know that Vienna is not even in Hungary… it’s in Austria. Any Hungarian who will see your post will debunk this.

    1. A Hungarian will definitely debunk this because they are Hungarian, so are you. You don’t know what he went through, you weren’t there. You will be blind to most things that blacks go through because you are not fucking black! Your comment pisses me off because most black immigrants, some middle easterners and asians can attest to racist tension, and on occasion, outright racism! It may not be prevalent in Budapest because it’s internationally open to the world, but in closed towns like Debrecen, Pécs, Szeged, etc, racism is very much prevalent. I myself have had to examine a racist who had a tattoo of Hitler on his chest! And he is just 32 years old. So don’t say what you don’t know. Having black friends does not validate your comment. Please don’t use that to support your argument, it’s an ignorant statement. I came to this country to get a higher education. I am learning the language, trying to live a peaceful life. I thought I could probably connect to a new people, and yet even after 5 years, I have no sense of a bond or connection, I’m counting down the months till I leave. I can’t wait to leave. This is not how to progress in our current world. I am not saying the entire country is racist but 40% of them are, and that’s a freakishly high number!

  6. Travelled to Budapest on holiday last month. As a brown south Asian I experienced only warmth from the locals. If I asked for directions or any kind of assistance, atleast two people would leap forward to help and would go to great lengths to make sure I got what I was looking for. Nobody stared at me , nobody made comments at me in Hungary or in any of the places I traveled to in Europe. Prague, Krakow , Austria and budapest were all amazing.

  7. Its a joke for a tourist to engage on argument regarding a place he or she visited for couple of days, I was living in Hungary and I also visit regular, few years back my friend who is of African origin lost his wife from cancer he was in spain when his wife passed away he came back to Hungary just after two days his wife passed away, His inlaws who are Hungarians falsified a written WILL that his wife left her apartment, car and her shop at Astoria name Novak optika to her nephew my friend hired a lawyer i saw the Will myself it was total faked the probate court including the lawyer who’s stamp was on that forgery her name is Landez Judit a well known lawyer in Hungary she backed the family up and bribed my friend lawyer his lawyer went and worked against him Hungarian to hungarian, it is very bad what is happening with people of different race in Hungary the worst of it they don’t want to accept that there is racism in their country my friend was left on the street he was a student in Hungary

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