7 Things Men Think Of The Female Body That Are Completely False

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There are a lot of false myths we men have regarding the structure, function and design of the female body. A lot of these myths are borne out of the fact that we fail to investigate and confirm what we are told perhaps because they have been in existence for so long that’s it’s taking on a garb of truth.

Women Pee From Their Vaginas

A lot of guys do not know that women basically have three openings down there. One basically is the anus which is for excreting faeces, the second is the vagina -mostly for sexual copulation and the third is the Urethra which lies between the vagina and the clitoris. The urethra extends from the kidneys through the bladder. The urethra is the pipe through which urine is expunged from the bladder.

Hard Nipples Translate To Arousal

Yet again, this is one of the false beliefs most men have. Hard and standing nipples don’t ncessarily mean she’s aroused, it could just mean that she’s cold and needs a bit of warmth. You could give her this in a number of ways, sex inclusive.

Vaginas Widen After Many Sexual Partners

If you have ever believed that a female vagina is wide based on the number of guys she has slept with, it’s time to change that thought completely. The penis does not stretch out a vagina and has nothing to do with how large a female vagina is. Rather, a vagina stretches more in response to how aroused a female is during sexual intercourse.

Increasing The Speed Increases Her Pleasurable Experiences

This is one thing a lot of women lay credence to. Going fast during sexual intercourse or foreplay doesn’t necessarily translate into a more pleasurable experience. The sexual moods of women cannot be specifically gauged and as such you have to be able to determine what your partner wants at every point in time. You may want to listen to her during the sexual process to know what exactly she wants you to keep doing. It’s not by how fast you go but how much pleasure she gets.

She Can’t Get Pregnant Because She’s On Pills

Well, if you’re still stuck up on this belief, it’s time you have yourself checked. No contraceptive method is 100 percent foolproof, thus thinking that if you have unprotected sex with your partner while she’s on birth control contraceptives is stupid to say the least. More so, birth control pills don’t necessarily stop the menstrual flow and there can always be one or two cases when she may get pregnant. Except you decide to go for vasectomy or one of those permanent sterility procedures, she just may get pregnant.

Squeezing Her Boobs Hard, Excites Her

Yes, everybody likes boobs, males and females inclusive but thinking women derive that much pressure from squeezing their boobs the same way you’d squeeze an orange off its juice is mythically false to say the least. Don’t pinch or squeeze her boobs hard, she’d rather prefer you touch them gently as she has a better chance of getting to cloud 9 that way.

Women Don’t Get Colder Than Men

Medical studies show that women have more body fat than men and that the temperature in their hands is about three degrees colder than that of men. This disparity is still unclear given that the higher the body fat, the warmer a person should be. Nonetheless, women tend to feel colder and you may want to make your embraces more frequent than they currently are.



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