7 Foreplay Techniques That Will Get Your Woman Asking For More

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It’s quite unfortunate that a lot of men tend to write off foreplay in their itinerary of things to do during the process of lovemaking. Guys tend to see foreplay as some form of wasted effort while wanting to go directly to sex. If you’re one of the guys that does this, you may want to have a rethink as doing this as the chance of getting you and your partner frustrated. Foreplay is quite crucial and usually sets the precedence for an explosive orgasm.

As such, here are 7 imaginative techniques you should consider employing to make foreplay fun for you and your partner and of course, get her asking for more.

Ask Her What She Wants

It is important you know exactly what your woman wants and the best way to do this is to ask out rightly. Women tend to appreciate men that are all out to satisfy them and chances are if she thinks you want to satisfy her, she’d reciprocate and make sure you’re satisfied too.

Increase Your Knowledge On foreplay

You need to widen your knowledge regarding foreplay and chances are she won’t be bothered about how much time you put into having sex. Acting like you just want to have sex without providing the needed foreplay satisfaction she desires would psychologically affect her. This may make her take longer than normal to get excited. So do what you want to do. If her boobs turn you on, kiss them lovingly and watch her get turned on by it. Your relationship would be happier for it on the long run.

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Take It Easy

Despite the fact that a lot of men know that the clitoris is the ideal place to focus on, a sizable number still go about it the wrong way. Stimulating the clitoris directly can be painful, as such rubbing alongside the edges of the labia would deliver more pleasure without the pain. It is best to tease the clitoris by sucking and licking it while allowing some tension to build. Stay off it for some seconds and go right back at it again.

Keep The Kissing going

Women tend to get their most erotic sexual pleasure from passionate and intimate kissing. As such, kissing is an important part of foreplay which can help to bolster her interest in making out with you. Even when she’s about to lose interest, kissing her the right way would bring her right back into it. It is however important to note that kissing her passionately does not necessarily mean you have to suck out all the saliva in her mouth. You can employ a bit of tongue play and/or mouth closed kisses on her cheeks and forehead.


Employ the ‘Figure 8’ technique To drive her wild

This technique involves using your tongue to draw out a figure -8 partner around her clitoris. Using the underside of your tongue to circle around her clitoris from left to right while alternating with the rough upper side from right to left. You can then build up the tension with the figure 8 movement while alternating between the underside and the tip of your tongue. Applying a bit of pressure with the tongue will also help to increase the intensity.

Never Overlook The Labia

The labia is an area that is oftentimes overlooked even though they are packed with numerous nerve endings which increase sexual pleasure. You can hold each of the labia flesh with your thumb and forefinger during foreplay while you massage it. Alternatively, you can massage the whole of the labia together with your palms and watch her moan in pleasure.

Last Longer

The best way to last longer is to be more aware of your pre-orgasmic sensations. A lot of men are only aware they are about to ejaculate at the last minute when they can no longer hold it. Try the much you can to become familiar with some of the more hidden sensations that signify you’re about to ejaculate as this would help slow you down and last longer.




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