5 Ways You’re Hurting Your Feet Without Even Knowing It

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Our feet are one of the most important parts of our bodies but which we pay very little attention to asides the expensive shoes we wear. We are basically on our feet for the greater part of the day and we only get to rest them for a couple of hours.

Most of the attention we get to give our feet are mostly limited to pedicure, a foot rub now and then and toenail painting. We however have to bear in mind that the feet have a lot of muscles and bones which help us in everyday activities.

Here are five ways you’re probably hurting your foot without even knowing it and some helpful ways of fixing them.

The Way You Run

During a run, your body usually lands on the outside part of your foot in a process called supination and then rolls to the inside of your foot in a process known as pronation before returning back to the supination position. If you constantly have running injuries such as pain in your Achilles tendon, it may be a pointer to the fact that your body is spending more time on the inside of your foot. Spending too much time in the pronation phase affects your back, hips and knees and the best way to diagnose this is to have a friend put their fingers between your foot arch while you stand up. If you feel a lot of pressure, you may want to consider seeing a podiatrist or orthotist to help you get appropriate help.


Calluses are toughened area of skin which occurs as a result of friction, pressure or irritation. They usually indicate stress on a part of the foot. The common areas where they occur include the inside of the big toe and under the ball of the foot. Podiatrist recommend scraping of the tissue around the area. Calluses can be prevented and/or treated by using a pumice stone to smoothen it down which also acts to relieve pain around the area. Regularly moisturising the area around your foot is also important in preventing calluses.

Wearing the Wrong Socks

Socks are important fashion accessories. Whether you’re taking a jog, going to the office or exercising indoors, socks are commonplace accessories. However, there are socks for every type of activity you may want to embark on. The foot has more sweat glands than any part of the body and as such activities requiring more energy and releasing more sweats would be best done with socks that have synthetic wicking material and not the typical cotton. Cotton socks tend to trap moisture in, which are a major cause of blisters. A simple way of reducing foot sweating is by using antiperspirant before wearing your socks and shoes.

Failing To Stretch Your Feet

It is necessary to frequently stretch out your feet after a day at the office or after running strenuous exercises. The human foot naturally comes wide apart at the tips of the toes with your feet in shoes and spending a long part of the day with constricted toes affect the appearance of your feet. The easiest way to reverse this is to wear toe socks which would help your toes breath and move when they spend long time in tight shoes.

Spending Long Time On Heels

Very few women can do without shoes with heels be it block, wedge or pointed shoes. The biggest problem with heels are that they alter the natural alignment of the feet. Heels have a way of altering the body posture by forcing your body to lean forward while walking. This position has a negative effect on the natural gait with the major effects on the knees, hips, and lower back. More so, when your heels are raised above your forefeet, the tendons on top of your feet contract and shorten. It is recommended that while you’re sitting at work or at home, you take off your shoes and stretch your feet. You can also stretch your tendons by sitting in a chair with your knees bent and putting your foot behind with your weight on top of them.



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