5 Problems Men Have With Their Balls

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Men are usually cautious of the kind of information they pass off about themselves. Either personally or otherwise, men aren’t chatterboxes like their counterparts, so it often takes more work and effort to get certain facts off of them as they are sworn to an unspoken secrecy to keep everything manly as private.


Well, as private as they like to be, we have been able to bring to you, as always, a new piece of information to add to what you already know about men. Do you know men have serious issues with their balls? eg, a woman can contract STDs by having sex with a man whose balls touched water from a public toilet, as he’s at a high rate of catching syphilis. I’d bet you also didn’t know that guys are as cautious of how they sit as women are, cos they just might sit on their balls and squash it?

Here are Five Problems Men Have With Their Balls

BALLS CHANGE SIZE – And yes, it’s involuntary. Shocked!? Don’t be. During Sex, the male balls usually doubles in size, but you both will be too busy getting your freak on to notice. So when next you are having sex and you feel an increase to the balls, don’t sweat it, its normal and will go back to its normal size all on its own.

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IT CAN BE SAT ON – sitting on his balls is one of those acts that a guy never, ever, ever wants to ‘mistakenly’ do as the pain that will ensue will be so much, he would practically bend over to express his feelings.

1338927802190814158Frightened Cartoon.svg.hi THEY ARE GROSS LOOKING – Men consciously admit their balls really does look gross. No matter how handsome he is, or well muscled, how nasty his balls look is one thing he can’t change for sure else lots of men will be signing up for “Balls-Makeover”. Lol.

THEY GET TANGLED IN HIS BOXERS – When next you see your man discreetly adjusting his thighs, discreetly bear in mind he just made a silent move to loosen his balls from the grip of his boxers.

GETTING KICKED IN THE BALLS – officially every guys worst night mare, getting kicked in the balls is one problem guys avoid at the expense of everything. You definitely don’t want to see a grown man cry cos that shit hurts so much even his ego won’t be able to hide the river of tears from his eyes.




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