The 5 Million Dollars Give Away

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I guess you are here for the 5 Million dollars, good. Find out how to win.

You have money trouble yeah? $5 Million will definitely be your happily ever after, like bye to every money problem you are facing, hello to every dream you want, finally you can fulfill all your hearts desire.

Well, did you know if all you have is money trouble, you don’t have any trouble? There’s a child out there, oblivious to the life existing before her. 7 years and in a coma. Can $5 Million make a difference to the parents whose 7 year old son is lying brain-dead, sleepless nights, hoping, praying and waiting? Can any amount of money change anything until that child comes to  life first?

If you could trade the cash for immortality, would you take it? Whats most important to you? Money, Peace, Health or Life? Well, whatever you want, you can get, and it’s not cliche, it’s true, you just have to be specific with your desires.


I know sometimes we just want to crawl under the rock and hide. Sometimes we just want to let go, give up and say “fuck it, am done” especially when things ain’t working for us as we want to. From money troubles, marital and health issues, or unfulfilled dreams that end up keeping us down.

We don’t want words when we have to go through shit, we want answers, like someone  saying to us “Here’s $5 Million, use it for whatever you want”, oh my, wouldn’t that just be epic.

But life ain’t fair like that, so we have to make the best of what life has served us. Have a plan, Believe, and Get moving. Wealth won’t meet you when you are idle, unless you are Bill Gates in which case, you don’t need my $5 Million.

Hope this quotes will make you introspect,while you shape your mindset to be a winner. Believe, and Get moving, just keep moving even when laying down in defeat is all you have, just keep moving.



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