5 Filthy Things You Never Knew Are Living On Your Body Right Now

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The human body is a home for a variety of things. The skin alone has been thought to harbour as many as 1000 species of bacteria which amount to about one trillion on the human skin. Do you actually think that is gross? Wait until you see the list of more filthy things living on your body even as you read this.


There’s a specific kind of mite that is found in and around the eyelashes. These mites are known as the Demodex mites. They have eight legs and feed on the waxy oil secreted by the follicles in the eyelashes. These mites mostly increase as we grow older mostly as a result of bacteria colonization. These mites are however not much of a health concern but they have however been linked with inflammation of the eyelids even though there has not been a genuine cause-and-effect relationship between the two.


There’s a common saying in the southern part of Nigeria that “No matter how well you clean your anus, there’s always a little feaces residue left in your butt hole”. According to Dr Charles Gerba- a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, about one-tenth of a gram of faces on average remains around the butt hole. The gross thing about this is one way or the other, the excreta left there ends up on your pants or underwear.
The disturbing thing about this however is that washing your clothes in cold water does not completely wash away the feaces as hot water would. Moreover, feaces harbour loads of potentially harmful bacteria and parasites which may cause serious diseases even in healthy individuals. These bacterial range from normal flora Escherichia coli to more harmful viruses like hepatitis. It is as such better to wash your underwear in hot or lukewarm water.

Dead Skin Cells

This may not sound that gross but looking at it from the perspective of how much dead cells we all have in our skin, then we are probably staring at a ‘dead skin’ loved one. This is because the dermal layer of our skin is mainly composed of numerous dead skin cells. The fact is a lot of these dead skin cells tend to fall off every minute for the rest of our lives but some still stay on the skin. They however do not have any health significance except how gross it is to think of that much dead cells being on our bodies.

Insects That Eat Off Dead Skin

dustmiteOne fact you may never have heard of is that most of the dust you find in or around your house is actually dead skin! A specific breed of mites known as dust mites exist by feeding off dead skin cells. There’s however a common skin condition characterised by awkward change in skin colour and itchy skin refered to as atopic eczema by dermatologists. This condition is one in which the dust mites directly feed off your dead skin cells as opposed to feeding off the dust. Don’t fret as dermatologists recommend mild bleach baths which can kill off the mites. Don’t however do this except unless your dermatologist recommends the regimen.


Like the rest of our body, our nails tend to accumulate millions of microorganisms including Fungi, Bacteria and viruses. If you find out that your toenails appear yellowish, thick and brittle, it may be an indication of a fungal infection attributed to the Trichophyton specie. This fungus has been implicated in ringworm infections and athletes foot. The fungus has also been found to trigger allergic reactions which presents itself as asthmatic symptoms. If you find out you have any of this signs, see a doctor for prescription treatments for this fungal infection.



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