5 Extremely Painful Things Asides Childbirth And Fractures

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Childbirth has been described as one of the most painful experiences any human can go through. The amount of pain felt as been compared to the pain felt if over 100 bones of the human skeletal system are fractured at once. A lot of other conditions however cause extremely painful experiences including conventional bone fractures and the urethral pain felt in people with kidney stones.

To determine the level of pain people feel, a dolorimeter is used to measure pain threshold and tolerance in individuals. The measurement is however based on a variety of factors including physical conditions, the part of the body the pain is being felt and how much the person in question can tolerate the pain.

A research conducted by Dr. Beth Darnall, a pain psychologist at Stanford University compares different painful situations and how they compare to one another.

Kidney Stones
According to Beth Darnell, pain is an experience that is personal and relative. She laid credence to the fact that kidney stones are very painful and may compare relatively with the same amount of pain felt during childbirth. The neurological processes involved in how people feel pain is the same in both males and females but is different in that women tend to see pain as “being more painful” than men. Men tend to feel pain with a lower intensity than women which invariably makes women feel the same pain much more than men do.

According to a pain specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Paul Christo,Headaches are probably the worst kind of pain anyone can feel. Headaches that occur on one side of the head, in the front or in and around the eyes can stay for more than 3 hours. These type of headaches affect more men than women and may resist common pain relievers.

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Trigeminal neuralgia
The Trigeminal nerve is a nerve located in the head and when it gets inflamed, the condition is known as Fothergill’s disease or Trigeminal neuralgia. This inflammation causes a unique type of pain according to Dr. Darnall. The treatment options are very much limited and the pain has been described as “a stabbing feeling” in the head.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
This type of pain is limited to one part of the body specifically. The pain usually occurs following any type of injury to the body or a time following surgery. The pain does not get to heal or subside but grows out of control. The symptoms of these kind of pain is sharp and debilitating pain that comes up severely in a lot of people. The pain can be so severe that the sufferer may ask for an amputation which ironically may be the last option of treatment.

Severe burns
The extreme pain from burns is not limited to second and third degree burns but also to first degree burns. Burns on any part of the skin can be excruciatingly painful and the process of healing is even more painful because it requires debridement, change of dressing, skin stretching and skin grafting.

Pudendal neuralgia
This condition refers to an excruciating pain in the buttocks. It is usually caused by falling down on the buttocks and even though it affects everyone, if causes more problems for men because it may affect the penis. Pudendal Neuralgia may cause the penis, scrotum and buttocks to go numb which may cause constant penis pain.

If you feel any of these conditions, it is advisable you see a doctor as soon as possible to find solutions to these painful situations with available remedies.



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