3 Incredible Conditions That May Make You Fall Sick After Having Sex

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When it comes to sex ,the thing most people are most concerned about is deriving maximum pleasure from the activity. Men are more concerned about not ejaculating too fast while women hope they get to have an orgasm to remember. We are however more concerned about some serious health issues that may arise as a result of having sex. This may range from men having an allergic reaction as a result of their own seminal fluid to men and women having headaches caused because they just experienced the joy of an orgasm. These conditions are rare and far between but are nonetheless real. Here are 3 Incredible Conditions That May make you fall ill after sex and ways you can control them.

Headaches After Sex
It’s quite normal to experience a throbbing body after you just had sex but not  a headache afterwards. It is estimated that about one in every 100 persons experience headaches either during or after the sexual activity according to a research published by the American Headache Society with men having a higher probability of experiencing it than women.
Some of the headaches experienced during sex build up as the sexual activity increases while some are experienced immediately or after ejaculation and orgasm. The reason for this has been attributed to increased blood pressure which occurs as a result of a high amount of adrenaline released by the body which may cause headaches.

The best thing to do is to see a doctor if the headaches are sudden or persistent. The headaches may sometimes be an indication of serious underlying medical issues like aneurysms and stroke but quite a number can be treated by taking normal pain relievers before sex.

Feeling Depressed After Sex
It is normal to feel ecstatic after having good sex but finding yourself feeling depreciation for as much as an hour after sex even when the experience is pleasurable is one of those incredible conditions some people have. This feeling is known as post-coital dysphoria and a lot of sex experts are at a loss why it happens. A publication in the International Journal of Sexual Health says about occurs 10 percent of women are affected by this condition while fewer men are affected by it.
It is usually caused by having undue expectations regarding how much sex you’re having. Solutions include having an open relationship with your partner. You can write down the things you’d like to do and ask your partner to do them. By interacting and aligning your goals with your partner, you can come out of depression and you both will be happier for it.
Antidepressants can also be used in treatment but these drugs come with their own baggage. Their side effects include delayed ejaculation and killing the desire to have sex.

Allergic Reaction To Your Semen
The allergic reaction may come up with symptoms like running nose, stomach upset and a fever. A combination of this results in a condition known as post-orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS). This condition is characterised by your body wrongly identifying the proteins contained in your semen as antigens or foreign invaders. This effectively triggers your immune system to attack them.

More so, fluids released by the Bartholin’s and Skene’s gland of women may also cause allergic reaction. In men but this is rarer than those caused by POIS. It is also common for men to have an allergic reaction to the semen of other men.
It is quite difficult to diagnose this condition because symptoms develop a few days after sex. You may want to consider seeing an immunology specialist who will likely order laboratory tests related to detecting allergens in your semen.
Also, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) can help to calm autoimmune reactions if taken before and after sex.



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