Women’s Sex Wednesday – How To Kiss A Woman Perfectly

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Every woman yearns for the man who can set her innards on fire with his mouth moves. When embarking on a romantic journey, the man who knows how to kiss a woman perfectly always has a honeypot to tap from.

This skill can determine how bright the flame in the affair will burn or keep burning. No woman wants to be with a man whose kiss skill is zero, unless you have something to compensate with.

It is very important for a man to know how to kiss a woman perfectly because it appeases the gods of emotional matters and offers you the grand prize on a platter. A woman is always a “maga” to any man whose kiss game is on point. Truly, very few men are blessed with power to create an orgasmic feeling in a woman by just flicking his tongues and nibbling on her lips.

Women are naturally attracted to neat guys so any man who wants to get some should clean up, esp his breathe. Dude if you must kiss her, please smell right.

Over time, kisses in a relationship can get boring after the first, second and every other kiss that follows. In order to make sure that the kiss never loses its spark, the first time and every other time should be perfect.


Start the kiss by holding her face with both palms while leaning in with your lips parted. Tilt her head slightly to the side to avoid heads butting and noses bumping.

How to kiss a woman perfect


Lick your lips while peering into her eyes with that “I want to **** you right here, right now” kinda look. Instruct her to follow your lead, you’re the teacher, she is the pupil. Women are turned on by men who know how to lead.

How to kiss a woman perfectly

Pick her lower lip with your teeth. Don’t bite, nibble. While nibbling, suck it all in. Keep sucking on the entire lower lip while moving your wild tongue from one side of the mouth to the other. Don’t touch the upper lip just yet.

With one hand on her face, take the other hand and caress her shoulder blades while commanding her to open her mouth. Dive in and lick on her tongue till shes about to choke, call out her name and pull out of her mouth slowly while settling on the upper lip. Don’t stop nibbling.

How to kiss a woman perfectly

You have set the pace and she is ready to follow. Take her tongue and give her yours. Give feathery kisses all over her face and chew on her chin. Freely instruct her if she doesn’t know what to do or can’t keep up with your pace. Remember the perfect kiss is always sensual like two lips making love not rough and hard like you’re avenging the lips.

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The magic in how to kiss a woman perfectly is to ensure the lips stays wet. No woman wants chappy or dry lips on hers. So freely wet your lips, not salivate. There’s a difference. Pretend you are licking ice cream on cone and not eating a peppery meal that keeps your mouth salivating like a dog.

The kiss should be warm, passionate and leave both parties eager to take the lips to more sensual parts of the body. Happy kissing.





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