Women’s Sex Wednesday: 3 Things You Should Do Strictly For Yourself

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The womenfolk are the most versatile of beings, given their ability to multitask and provide the wants and needs of the people around them. The fact that women have to juggle a lot of things at once makes them have little time for themselves. For this reason, women have to see certain things in light of themselves.

We have gone through a list of things that women find difficult to create time for but 3 things rank high amongst these priority things.


It is way better to exercise and curse yourself for embarking on that venture and even hate the way you look instead of not exercising at all. If you find yourself as a woman putting excessive pressure on yourself to exercise, then you might need to reevaluate why you’re taking part in the exercise activity at all. More so, if you’re exercising because you want to get the body of a Victoria Secret model’s body or because you ate some excessive amount of pastries, chances are you might not be able to get the standards you want. Exercise is wonderfully beneficial for a lot of reasons. As such, get your body in shape, do some squats or situps at home, go to the gym — whatever you want to do, but remember to do it because it fuels your body, makes you feel strong, and is a choice to keep your physical self healthy. Exercising for any other reason may look like some form of punishment which you would grow to hate with time.

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Wear Makeup

The truth is you don’t have to wear it all the time or everywhere. You can choose to go anywhere including a club, your workplace, party or the beach without makeup. The thing with makeup however is that as much as it can enhance your features and make you more beautiful, it can also be terribly bad. The proper makeup can enhance your natural features and contours making you way prettier than you are. More so, it can also serve as an extension of your personality, style and a way of expressing your creativity. Unfortunately for a lot of ladies however, it has become a way for them to measure their self worth. Wearing Makeup or staying off it doesn’t make you less of a woman. It is important you don’t make wearing it define your person. Realise that you’re much more than the powder-made and foundations you rub on your face.

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Eat Healthy

We all know that it is beneficial to eat things that are mostly natural and straight out of the ground. It’s very unhealthy to have most of your food come from fast food chains and restaurants. It’s more important for women to eat healthy for a variety of reasons. A smaller waistline comes to mind as you probably would have had your female friends made one or two references to your tummy while growing up.

We are humans and we love to eat. Eating is one of the basic pleasures of human existence and putting yourself in a bad light for taking ice cream one night will be a great disservice. What you’re aspiring for is a state where you eat what is best for your body at a particular point in time. It could be pastries sometimes and vegetables at some other times. There are no should’s, no guilt-free or sinful foods. What exists are foods that can be seen as a means of sustaining your body or one that you have no love for whatsoever.

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Instead of working on your physique tirelessly or making yourself hungry or pressuring yourself into wearing a certain amount of makeup, it would be better you expend that energy on loving yourself more. Once you’re able to love yourself well, you’d be able to inculcate eating healthy, exercising and the amount of makeup that is ideal for you.

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