WetinBeMyOwn: Wenger Doesn’t Care If Mourinho Is Under Pressure

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This rivalry is lit. That specialist in failure comment still hurts. Wenger says Mourinho must deal with the pressure he is under.

Arsenal and Chelsea will face off on Saturday in a match brewing with bitter rivalry, with Wenger’s men the better of Mourinho’s.

Chelsea are currently languishing in 17th with just one win from five games, while Arsenal are six points ahead of the blues.

Mourinho and Wenger have a rivalry that is so entertaining and now Wenger feels Mourinho must deal with the pressure he currently faces.

He told reporters:” These are situations that are difficult to assess. It’s less enjoyable when it doesn’t go well but every manager in the game for a long time has to do deal with that.

“People come to football to watch football and all the rest is secondary. What is important is what people will see at 12.45 and let’s focus on that.

“I focus on what I love which is football and respect everybody and all the rest doesn’t affect me. What is important is football for me.”

Mourinho famously branded Wenger a “specialist in failure” in 2014, but Wenger refused to comment on Chelsea’s apparent decline – instead insisting he will leave such judgements “to the specialists”.

“We know our position at the end of the season will depend on how we do in the big games,” he added.

“I do not consider too much where Chelsea stand. I focus on us performing well tomorrow morning.”



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