Wendy Williams: Another Day, Another Celebrity Calling The TV Host Out

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Wendy Williams: Another Day, Another Celebrity Calling The TV Host Out

It is not easy being Wendy Williams.

The TV host who basically lives off controversies and gossip is not new with backlash being thrown her way.

And even though we are certain she does not care, we wonder for how long she’d be able to stomach it.

Not long ago, fans of Ariana Grande called for Wendy’s show to be cancelled via social media because they believed she had body shamed their idol.

However, if you thought she was slowing down, then you gotta have another thing coming.

The queen of gossip just recently talked her way into another fresh round of trouble.

And this is how it all happened…

So there is this woman called Kim Zolciak whom you might not know because she is another botox wearing American reality star in Hollywood.

Days ago, Zolciak was diagnosed of stroke and even though she is recovering, she was axed off the show she was currently on, DWTS aka Dancing With The Stars.

Now, you know nothing misses Aunty Wendy, yeah?

So basically, Ms Williams spoke about this on her show and gave her two cents on what she believes was the real reason Kim Zolciak had stroke in the first place.

According to Wendy Williams, Kim faked the stroke so she could get off the show because the ratings were poor.

But Kim who has been trying to get back on Dancing With The Stars clapped back at Wendy in no time.

According to the reality star, Wendy was just mad she refused to phone in through Skype when asked to by her production team…

We doubt Wendy would respond to this.

Kim Kardashian (albeit omitting the talk show host’s name) also went off at her some months back when Wendy hinted Kim Kardashian was faking her pregnancy.

And at no point in time did Wendy apologize.

The show must go on they say.

And Wendy clearly belongs to that school of thought.

Check on the clip from the show where Wendy hinted Zolciak was faking her stroke…

Clip via Youtube/David Chasson



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