Watch The DZRPTtv Breakfast Club Interview With Kemi Adetiba Everyone Is Talking About

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Top music video producer Kemi Adetiba is on the hot seat on DZRPTtv’s Breakfast Club and she shares exclusive insights into the entertainment industry, her crush in the music industry, details about her embarrassment at a popular restaurant in Lagos, her being Vic-O’s number one fan, her video production career, her upcoming cooking show called “Things Kemi Cooks” and so much more! You don’t want to miss this!!


The show is hosted by Ireti of DZRPT Media, celebrity producer Kid Konnect, Alex Bawa of Bang and Kosher, and of course the mysterious “Man On The Couch”. If you missed the previous episode with rapper Poe talking about his crush on Kemi Adetiba amongst other things, click here!

Watch the Breakfast Club with Kemi below:


It’s another DZRPT TV exclusive!

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