Wale Has Got Us Serenaded With This Unexpected Freestyle [Video]

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Wale calls Drake's diss respectful

Wale Has Got Us Serenaded

He’s one good Rapper that’s for sure but if you needed some sort of confirmation, he is offering you one now.

The Matrimony Rapper was spotted by TMZ and after confirming who they were, Wale proceeded to dishing out what he is best known for; rap music.

However, unlike the other times we’ve heard great music from the Nigerian American Artiste, this time, Wale belted out verses without preparing.

Right there and then, he doled out verses and had an audience immediately.

And part of his audience were women who were clearly blown away.

And do we blame them?

I mean, who are you not to fall under the power of Wale’s strong music.

Check out Wale doing his thing…




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