Wait Did Taraji P Henson Just Shade JLo In This Teaser For The Next Episode Of Empire?

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Taraji P Henson

Wait Did Taraji P Henson Just Shade JLo?

Well, looks like she totally did and she aint sorry for it either.

However, it was Taraji’s character shading the sexy Singer in an all new episode of Empire tonight.

Just last week, 50 Cent got really angry that he was being dragged in the first episode of the second season. And being the big baby he is, the Rapper dedicated quite a number of posts to ranting and sulking about being called “thirsty” on the hit show.

But if you thought Taraji or the creators of the show were bothered, you must be kidding.

And now, Taraji’s popular character Cookie is taking yet another jab.

In the episode, she is saying to her third and youngest son Hakeem, “there is nothing wrong with a couple of Jlos as long as they can really sing”.

Fans already believe this is Cookie trying to say JLo can’t really sing.

However, inability to sing or not, we can not wait for the next episode to air!

Check on the clip where Cookie threw a subtle shade at JLo below…

And you can read about Cookie shading the heck out of 50 Cent’s life here…

50 Cent To Taraji P Henson: “I Hit That”



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