VIDEO: Meek Mill Shuts Down A Fan For Holding A Drake Poster

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Meek Mill

Meek Mill is not happy with Drake and a fan at a Meek Mill performance who holding up a Drake poster found out the hard way as he was publicly called out.

It all went down as Meek Mill was performing at Fool’s Gold’s annual Day Off concert and while playing his set, he noticed someone holding up a Drake poster. Meek Mill went on a rant that was captured by several concertgoers.

“Put that Drake sign up again, n—a,” Meek barked at a concertgoer in a video that was captured by a number of fellow attendees. “F–k you talkin’ ’bout, f–kin’ clown? Don’t ever come in here tryna pick on me like I’m a f–kin’ dweeb or something.”

In another video, from a different angle, the rant went on.

“We’ll whoop your ass in here tonight, boy,” he said. “Don’t make him leave, though. Let him have a good time. We at Fool’s Gold, we here to have a good f–kin’ good time. And that’s what we gonna do: Have a f–kin’ good time. But don’t ever come in here playing with no f–kin’ real life gangsta like it’s a game.”



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