Vic O Claims That Drake Apologized To Him. See ‘Evidence’

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Nobody seems to figure out what makes Vic O tick and this recent claim of his will leave you even more baffled.

On an interview with Stephanie Coker on Steph Rocks TV, Vic O claimed that Drake apologized to him with a tweet. The apology is supposed to have been in response to Vic O’s diss track where Vic O berated Drake and Meek Mill for beefing when they are supposed to be friends.

When asked by Stephanie Coker, he said “I know Drake and Meek must have heard about the song, because Drake tweeted at me and said ‘I’m sorry Vic O. I am just something else’

Drake was supposedly so sorry that he responded with “I’m sorry @VICOTVS”. @VICOTVS is Vic O’s Twitter handle and the image below is the evidence.


The problem with this, is that it is false. The image above is a doctored image. And there is something wrong with Vic O. Like he said, he is something else.

See this actual tweet from Drake.

Drake tweetCompared to Vic O’s doctored tweet, Drake’s name does not have the verified sign. This is something that is consistent across all of Twitter’s various platforms and Drake has been verified since 2012. It is weird that all of a sudden the verified sign disappeared when Drake decided to ‘apologize’ to Vic O.

Watch Vic O’s claim below,




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