UNILAG Medical Staff Blamed In Death Of Electrocuted Student

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UNILAG medical staff blamed in Oluchi's death: Slow response criticized

UNILAG medical staff blamed in Oluchi’s death

The life of Oluchi Anekwe, the 21-year old student of University of Lagos who died after being electrocuted, may have been saved, according to her elder sister Nkem.

UNILAG medical staff blamed in Oluchi's death: Slow response criticized
UNILAG medical staff blamed in Oluchi’s death: Slow response criticized

26-year old Nkem told Punch that the hospital staff had refused to attend to Oluchi on time, because they were waiting for identification.

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“Oluchi was still alive by the time she was rushed to the medical centre of the school but the doctors and nurses refused to attend to her until they saw her identity card and confirmed that she was a student.”

“They refused to attend to her and that was how the girl died there. The most shocking part was that when I got there, Oluchi wasn’t even placed on a bed; they had wrapped her body and placed it on the floor. I told the doctor that it was wrong for them to have done that because sometimes the person could still be alive at that point.”

“It was an indirect statement from them that nothing was done to save her life. Even Uju, our last born who was with Oluchi when the incident happened, wasn’t attended to even with the injuries she sustained. It was after I confronted the doctor for not being sensitive enough that Uju was only given panadol and one small tablet.”

“This was around 8:00pm. You can imagine how long she was abandoned from the time the cable fell on them.”

“At the mortuary at LUTH that night, the officials refused to honour the death certificate issued for Oluchi, insisting that it was not valid because the doctor did not sign it.”

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“He probably didn’t sign it because he knew he didn’t examine her at all before pronouncing her dead. The ambulance that brought us from UNILAG had to take the nurse back to get the doctor to sign the death certificate while the body was wheeled to a corner outside the mortuary. It was until about 11:30pm that her body was finally taken into the morgue.”

“Oluchi was brought to the medical centre alive but she died because they refused to treat her. It’s a shame that an ordinary school ID card would be more valuable than the life of a human, a promising young lady,” she said.



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