Tyga Takes Kylie Jenner Out In Ferrari After Instagram War With Blac Chyna And Amber Rose

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Tyga, Amber Rose and Blac chyna had a threesome quite the Instagram war yesterday after Tyga threw shade Chyna’s way all for Kylie Jenner.

And according to TMZ, the whole thing stemmed from the fact that a rumor has been circulating since Tyga gifted Kylie a Ferrari for her birthday.

According to the rumor, the Ferrari was leased and Tyga did not exactly buy it.

Tyga apparently believes Blac is responsible for all these and so he threw shade her way yesterday.

And of course, Amber Rose was there to protect her bestie.

Now, after the three grown adults (who happen to be people’s parents by the way) have ended (or so it seems because you can never tell with these people) their online feud, Tyga is taking Kylie out with the much talked about Ferrari.

Pictures of Tyga fuelling the posh automobile while taking Kylie Jenner out have surfaced.

Kylie, wearing her new do; a blonde hair with dark roots, was sitting in the front seat while her man fuelled the tank.

Looks like Tyga is really in the mood to throw all of these in Chyna’s face.

The question though, is when would all the drama end?

Doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

MTV was right for getting all that for reality TV.

That’s one hella ride though.

Photo credit: Daily Mail



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