Tomilola’s Take: When The Maid Of Honor Steals The Show [The Mocheddah Case]

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Tomilola’s Take: When The Maid Of Honor Steals The Show [The Mocheddah Case]

Singer Mocheddah’s sister got married over the weekend.

And you already know Mocheddah is a poser and she does not even think twice when it comes to doing it for the gram.

The If You Want Me hitmaker, had everything looking impeccable as usual and of course, gathered so many likes after sharing several photos from the wedding.

Who is the bride? Singer came under backlash for wearing white to her sister’s wedding

However, over a thousand people might have liked each picture shared but they clearly had a major question for Mocheddah – Who is the bride?

Mo stunned in a flowing white dress by popular Lagos based designer April By Kunbi, who also seems to be her favorite.

The bride also wore an April By Kunbi dress, however, hers was not white, neither did it photograph as well as Mo’s.

Now, question is, should Mocheddah have made a choice of white? Or when she did, should her sister have declined the choice?

It is a known fact that brides usually wear the white on the wedding day, so maybe Mo should have just steered clear of this color?

If you ask me the same questions that I have listed above, I’d say – she can wear whatever the heck she wants.

Shebi her sister saw this color and approved of it.

What makes me quite uncomfortable though, is, Mocheddah is an award winning singer, a famous person in the Nigerian entertainment world and her Instagram page is a go-to page for style.

And all that, would make her automatically be a “shine stealer”.

Now throw in the fact that she’s gorgeous, has a body most women want and, that breathtaking gown she posed so effortlessly in.

See why it’s hard not to raise eyebrows at her?

And after seeing this picture, I’m still wondering how come the Pastor did not proclaim her and her boo husband and wife.

Mocheddah 2

Seeing as they’re the ones that look like the real couple…

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Photos: Instagram/Mocheddah



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