Tomilola’s Take: When A Celeb Tells Us What We Already Know [The Derenle Case]

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Tomilola’s Take: When A Celeb Tells Us What We Already Know [The Derenle Case]

So basically, Derenle got a mopping stick that looks exactly like the braids on his head, slipped into a pair of pretty Zanottis and took several pictures to do something we already knew about.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Derenle Edun.

For months, after I first joined Twitter in 2011, I had his tweet to me favorited.

And when I was the Public Relations Officer in my third year in University back in 09, he was extremely warm every single time I called him on the phone. PS: I don’t even know him personally.

So I am a huge Derenle lover.

But, maybe there are a few things I do not get.

For years, Derenle has had his sexuality questioned; people have wondered if he was straight or bi, asked for his girlfriend and at a point even linked him to certain male celebrities most notably Charlie Boy.

And why Derenle has never openly admitted to being gay or not, he’s pretty much donned wigs, rocked bold red lipstick, braided his hair and flaunted shoes some of us ladies cannot even afford to buy.

So maybe he’s gay.

It’s either that or he has a huge love for feminine things.

However, gay or not, what has made him interesting over the years is the fact that he never paid attention to those gay rumors.

I mean, I knew Derenle from the days Soundcity was a program on TV. This was as far back as ’05 or something.

And those rumors have been there since then.

So why take out time to respond to them?

Like one of my mentors who knows Derenle personally once said, “This is Derenle’s brand, the day he stops wearing his heels and all that, he’s going to lose it”

So hey, we already know.

We already accept, so why adopt the typical “Naija celebrity style” and start talking about what you mop the floor in? Why respond to whatever Caitlyn Jenner comparisons making rounds?

And before you guys argue that he’s just taking it lightly, these photos are a clear indication of Derenle trying to prove that he doesn’t care.

And that’s where the issue is; he is not supposed to be fazed. This is who he is.

Own your crazy, Derenle.

It’s not like people would like it if you stopped being Derenle today anyway.

PS: Derenle’s post says “Cos BAE likes it that way”

Anyone else wondering who “bae” is?

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  1. One would have thought that the wise thing for Derenle to do is to publicly declare his ASSets. But if his sexuality is what I think it is, then common sense and personal safety should dictate otherwise. There is no gaysaying that fact.

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