This One Picture Is Proof That Genevieve Nnaji Would Be A Great Bond Girl

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Genevieve Nnaji

Somebody please tell them to send Genevieve Nnaji a script for Bond Girl in the upcoming Bond movie.

The rumors of Genevieve Nnaji being considered for the role of Bond Girl in a James Bond film might be four years stale but the stunner keeps bringing the idea back to mind.

Ms Nnaji who is currently in Mauritius has been having loads of fun and, has been giving us the opportunity to see different photos of her.

And from the looks of it, the AMAA winner is not afraid to try anything.

And in all honesty, we’re not tired of seeing!

And you know what’s more? We absolutely love that photo of her right in front of the beach in a Tiffany Amber dress.

The picture which is reminiscent of the first Bond girl’s walk from the beach, brought back ideas of Genevieve starring in the role of a Bond girl.

The Nollywood sweetheart posed for a picture in her yellow dress, revealing a set of toned legs while the breeze tousled her locks.

? @tiffanyamberng

A photo posted by Genevieve Nnaji (@genevievennaji) on

Asides from being flawless and picture perfect as usual, don’t you guys just see a Bond girl moment?

Bond girl I mean, replace the dress with the Bikini and voila! You see Genevieve Nnaji as Bond girl.

And guys, I mean Hollywood Bond Girl  not a poorly made Nigerian version.

Disclaimer: We shall not be held responsible for any terribly made movie by any funny producer in Nigeria inspired by this post.



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