The Kardashian/Jenner New Website & App Reportedly Leaves Subscribers’ Private Information Open To Hackers

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The Kardashians

The Kardashian/Jenner clan launched Apps and websites a few days ago and according to reports, Kylie Jenner is leading with the highest number of downloads.

And even though everyone was shocked that Kim was not leading with the download, another shocking revelation has been made regarding the Apps/Website.

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According to Mail Online, a Teenage web developer has revealed quite interesting secrets about the famous family’s website/Apps.

These secrets are so serious that he was reportedly “forced” to bring down the post he wrote about them on his site.

But these days, y’all know nothing ever really goes away once it hits the internet.

So basically, there were screengrabs (from the cached version) to show what this developer blogged about.

According to Alaxic Smith (the developer), he’d been interested in what powered the Kardashian/Jenner sites and he had made the effort to see.

And while looking he discovered that the API was left open and he could access personal data.

Layman definition; The API allows the creation of application which accesses the data of an operating system.

So when Smith found out the API was open, he realized he “could put some basic” code in his browser and access a lot of personal information and data.

Smith also revealed that out of the 891,340 subscribers of the Kardashian/Jenner website and app, 663,270 subscribers were Kylie’s and only 80,679 were Kim’s.

This is quite interesting seeing as Kim used to be the most popular and successful member of the clan.

And since everyone thanked Ray J for Kim’s success, we know we’d be sending thank you messages Tyga’s way for Kylie’s success soon.

Check on the screengrabs of the stats Smith revealed on his blog

Kardashian website data 2 Kardashian wesbite data You can read Smith’s original post from here



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